Nine Social Media Trends We Hope Will Go Away Forever in 2015

by Scott Baradell | Social Media

Social Media 2015

2014 has been a year of great moments in social media, as well as more than a few not-so-great moments. For PR and marketing professionals, perhaps the most encouraging trend we’ve seen is that “social media management” is no longer simply a job assigned to a junior employee in the bowels of the corporate marketing department; it’s increasingly become part of everybody’s job.

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Spread Holiday Cheer with Social Media PPC Ads This Year (And Next)

by Michelle Malina | Social Media

social media PPC ads

Happy Holidays! When it comes to spending your marketing budget, it’s important to allot a good portion of that money to social media advertising. Almost anyone can draft a tweet, but trying to take a social media plan one step further is another story. You shouldn’t let a lack of PPC bring you down this holiday season. In the end, you’ll get plenty of bang for your buck.

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Improve Your PR Measurement Strategy

by Taylon Chandler | Public Relations

PR Measurement

Tech PR firms have long struggled to provide their clients with hard proof of a campaign’s success. Measurement strategies such as Advertising Value Equivalencies and circulation numbers were the only options for a long time. The rise of Big Data and analytics, however, is changing that.

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