America’s Most Historic PR Campaign: The American Revolution

by Logan Lane | PR and Pop Culture

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This month marks the 239th anniversary of the signing of America’s Declaration of Independence from the British monarchy. The Fourth of July has always marked a celebration that, over the years, has translated into barbecuing with friends and watching a display of fireworks in the night’s sky. One thing we don’t always consider, though, is that Independence Day and the American Revolution in general represent the outcome of one of history’s most successful PR campaigns.

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Employee Spotlight Series: Kathryn Pacheco

by Taylor Palmer | Idea Grove Employees


It’s time again for the spotlight to shine on another one of our great employees. Next up on our list is Kathryn Pacheco, a summer public relations intern at Idea Grove, responsible for helping clients improve their visibility, establish credibility in the minds of their own customers, and strengthen their corporate image.

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Employee Spotlight Series: Burklee Berry

by Taylor Palmer | Idea Grove Employees


Idea Grove would like to introduce the Employee Spotlight Series that will take you behind the scene of Idea Grove’s employees. Through the series you will hear from various employees from the company- why they chose Idea Grove and what they enjoy most about working here. First up is one of our social media interns, Burklee Berry!

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Job Searching: Best Practices

by Taylor Palmer | Human Resources


Whether you’re a college graduate hungry to the start of your career or a professional ready for a change, finding a new job is a stressful task–no matter how prepared you are. Job searching is cutthroat and competitive, especially in the public relations industry. But with a little help, you can toss your worries away and become a job-searching pro!

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How to Pitch Like a Pro: Takeaways from the PRSA Dallas Pitching Workshop

by Jessica Jurek | Public Relations

What's Your Story Typewriter

A skill that any PR pro should have in their arsenal is the art of the pitch. Pitching key influencers, such as journalists, bloggers, analysts, etc., is an important way that we can earn great exposure and even coverage for our clients and their news. Even though this is a necessary skill to have, pitching can often be a difficult and frustrating experience. The media landscape is constantly changing, it can be nearly impossible to get a journalist to answer your email or your phone call and the rules for what is considered “newsworthy” are always evolving.

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