Lessons in the Power of Lists to Build Authority Online

by David Hopkins | Social Media

Top 100 Wavemakers

Who doesn’t love a good list? From the annual US News college rankings to The 10 Beaches to See Before You Die, there seems to be an insatiable interest in reading lists and sharing them online. Appearing on a published list raises the profiles of those included and the publisher as well. That mutual benefit helped fuel the success of a recent list project in which we published the top 100 Wavemakers in wireless technology.

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Why Your Inbound Marketing Strategy Needs PR

by Scott Baradell | Public Relations

Putting PR in Front of Your Inbound Engine

A few years ago, the founders of a marketing automation software company published a popular book on the topic of inbound marketing. The book discusses the benefits of blogging and SEO at length, but doesn’t include anything about PR’s relationship to inbound marketing.

In fact, it only contains a seven-page chapter about public relations.

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Marketing Content that Competes with the Kardashians: Do’s and Don’ts

by Clay Zeigler | Content Creation

Marketing Content that Competes with the Kardashians: Do’s and Don’ts

Second of two parts 

In the first part of this short series we talked about how in order to compete in a world full of online distractions, our B2B marketing content has to do one thing: It has to make heroes. In considering how to create truly compelling content, there are a few tried-and-true ways to create interest and make heroes while competing with the likes of the Kardashians.

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