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Social Media Tip Sheet for Busy Executives

Published: October 16, 2015       Updated: May 13, 2024

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It’s no secret that the life of a business executive is hectic. Lunch meetings, lengthy calls and surprise projects always manage to fill up your day. Your time is precious, and you’re juggling a thousand tasks that are all competing for it. These tasks naturally get prioritized and delegated, but one priority that absolutely cannot fall through the cracks is staying on top of your personal social media presence.

Beyond business web pages and speaking engagements, social media allows you to pull back the curtains and showcase yourself as a thought leader and industry professional. However, becoming an engaging and interesting presence in the social media world takes time. It can sometimes be a tough commitment to make, but the rewards for your personal brand and your business will be worth the effort. In order to make life a little easier, here are three simple steps that can help business executives maintain and grow their reputation:

  1. Choose Your Channel

The social media platform is constantly evolving, with new channels and best practices emerging rapidly, so it’s important to keep up. While you should stay on top of social trends, it’s important to recognize the strengths of each platform and align those with the needs of you and your business’ image. The most recent platform may be where all the buzz is now, but isn’t necessarily a great match for you or your company. It’s important to realize that every channel isn’t for you, and that’s okay. Focus your time on a few channels that align well with the content you want to share.

  1. Share The Person Behind The Title

While you may be the executive of a cutting edge technology company who’s always revolutionizing, it’s oftentimes the person behind the brand that people really connect with. Let your followers know who you are outside of your work as well. Share content that shows how your interests, passions and hobbies intersect with your brand. This gives your audience a better image of the authentic you.

  1. Engage Your Audience

To keep your followers committed to your content, it’s important to stay active across your platforms. If you want to maintain your social media influence, post to your channels daily with content and articles relevant to your industry and brand. When someone in the social media world mentions you or your company, showcase that attention by sharing it on your personal accounts. Interact with your followers by answering questions, addressing concerns or acknowledging their mention with a like or favorite to boost your reputation as an involved, approachable executive.

The truth is, you can’t afford to not be on social media. If you want to stand out as a business leader, a prominent social media presence is crucial. Give your audience what they want by choosing a channel, being your authentic self and engaging your followers with relevant content. Following these guidelines will undoubtedly boost your reputation as an influential thought leader and show people the value in your social media presence.


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