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What Are Trust Signals? Learn All About Them at Our New Website

Published: June 23, 2020       Updated: May 13, 2024

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Trust signals are the evidence points we use to win one another's trust.

For businesses, they are anything that inspire confidence in your brand in the mind of your customers, employees, investors and the general public.

Public relations -- Idea Grove's core discipline -- is the art of securing trust at scale. We tend to associate PR with earning media coverage for brands. While the validation provided by publicity remains very important to securing brand trust, it is only one kind of trust signal. There are many others, from online reviews to website trust badges, and a well-rounded trust-building campaign should account for all of them.

Whether you are rethinking your brand strategy, creating a new website, launching a content marketing campaign, expanding your social media footprint, or pursuing an integrated marketing program, your first consideration should always be trust.

And trust is Idea Grove's specialty.

If you're interested in learning more about trust signals, I've started a dedicated website for the purpose of exploring them in detail, and I am working on a book on the topic to be released next year. Trust signals, trustmarks, trust badges, trust symbols -- you name it, we cover it.

We've integrated many trust signals into Idea Grove's service offering, and are continuing to do so as we grow. It's our way of expanding the definition of unified PR and marketing to better reach, and influence, today's B2B buyer.

Just ask us if you want to learn more.

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