Published: Feb 12, 2021
Last Updated: Apr 1, 2021

In the face of an incredibly difficult year that placed physical and mental constraints on our daily lives, many of us found it easy to slip into the routine of wake up, work, sleep. However, leaders choose to rise above the monotony and by provide the people surrounding them with hope and opportunities for growth. Idea Grove’s own Social Media Manager Talissa Beall is one of those leaders.

A true thought leader in B2B social media, Talissa rose to the challenges of the last year and consistently provided guidance and insight to her community, leading the way on everything from social strategy and best practices to the importance of diversity, equality, and inclusion. Among other achievements, Talissa's efforts have helped Idea Grove become one of DesignRush's top digital marketing agencies.

Much of that happened with agency partner Sprout Social. Talissa was a regular contributor to programs and presentations put on by the social media management software provider, helping others continue to grow. For helping the Sprout community make a difficult year a little better, Talissa was recently named the #SproutPartner MVP for 2020.

As noted in its announcement, Sprout says: “Talissa has been a constant presence in the Agency Exchange, weighing in to provide advice, soliciting feedback and offering much-needed levity.”

Join us in congratulating Talissa.

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