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They Said It: Our Most Memorable Quotes from HubSpot’s INBOUND 2019

Published: September 12, 2019       Updated: July 14, 2024

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Every year, over 20,000 HubSpot users and marketing and sales industry professionals descend upon Boston for INBOUND. With over 250 educational breakout sessions, it’s nearly impossible to fit everything we learned into a blog post - so we decided to share our most memorable quotes from the event. 

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“INBOUND attendees use more WiFi bandwidth than the Super Bowl half-time show”  - Kim Darling, INBOUND Host

While this particular quote doesn’t impart any actual knowledge, we were just really impressed with the event infrastructure for keeping that many digital professionals plugged in. 

"Three years from now the #1 indicator of a brand's success will be its customer advocacy program." - Carl Pieri, Marketing Manager at HubSpot

In a session called "What will customer advocacy look like in 3 years?", we got this gem on customer advocacy. A common theme across many of the sessions at INBOUND was putting the customer back in customer advocacy and embracing personalization. Too often as marketers we get caught up in generating leads or new business for sales, that we forget to delight our customers.

“You want the graphic to be the teaser not the main course!” - Veronica Belmont, Product Manager at Adobe

Veronica’s session, “Level the Playing Field: How Technology and Design Empower Businesses to Take on Big Brands” resonated as we think about our creative approach to graphic design across all of our work. Particularly with things like social media, your visuals should support the larger piece of content - not be the content. 

“Success is proportional to the degree to which you let people stay in their pajamas” - Dharmesh Shah, Co-Founder and CTO of HubSpot

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I highly recommend that you take the time to watch Dharmesh’s full keynote where he talks about facing your fears in order to grow, both as a human and as a company. With this particular quote, Dharmesh unveils what he calls the Pajama Principle as HubSpot has grown the amount of remote workers employed at the company. We have tested this theory, and have found a strong positive correlation in support of the Pajama Principle. 

“B2B Companies get most non-branded traffic from just 10% of pages” - Dom Woodman, Senior Consultant, Distilled 

What are B2B companies doing to be successful with SEO? Nothing mind-blowing - but your homepage and product pages in your main nav are really important. Make sure your site pages are written and targeted for the job you’re doing. 

There are 6 million blogs posted each day - Dan Gingiss

That number might feel a little dubious, but it seems to check out.With a little research you find lots of numbers, but they are all huge, roughly 4.4 million to 6 million. That's not just noise; it's magnitudes above noise, and it explains why we are seeing the traditional inbound methods becoming less and less effective. We need to be creating content that doesn't just drive awareness but builds brand affinity. You do that by creating something of value, something that goes beyond products and gets to purpose.

From content and design to culture and customers, INBOUND goes beyond your run of the mill marketing conference. Registration is already open for INBOUND 2020, but we have hit the ground running incorporating all of our knowledge and inspiration into our work. We’ll see you next year!

Our Partnership with HubSpot

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