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Integrating Your Marketing Agency with Your Internal Team

Published: June 9, 2020       Updated: July 14, 2024

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The marketing and PR worlds are full of examples of agencies and companies who got their partnerships right. They built relationships that lasted for years and produced iconic work that we all know.

  • McCann Erickson and Coca Cola gave us “I’d like to buy the world a Coke.”
  • Chiat/Day and Apple gave us the ominous 1984 ad that announced the arrival of the Macintosh computer.
  • McDonald’s worked with Heye & Partners to develop its “I’m Lovin’ It” tagline.

But the marketing and PR world is also littered with partnerships that didn’t work. And that’s because finding a marketing agency to work with is hard. And once you do find the right agency, building that partnership is something that has to be done intentionally. That’s what Dominic Garcia told me in a recent conversation he and I had on how you integrate your marketing agency with your internal team. He’s the head of marketing at K2View and says that creating an agency relationship that works is all about creating the right culture. We also talked about how you create that culture, how you divide up responsibilities, and how to handle changes in the relationship as your business grows.

Watch the video. Dominic shares a lot of great information. Then leave a comment. We look forward to the conversation.


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