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In Web Design, Sometimes Less Is More

Published: October 6, 2006       Updated: June 15, 2024

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I often advise my clients, over much objection, that they don't need to weigh their websites down with so much detail. Especially in B2B technology, the bad habit of vomiting out endless information on speeds and feeds and other spec sheet minutia is a hard one for many companies to break.

"Less is more," I tell them. "In design, less is more."

And now, thanks to one publicity-savvy designer, I have a good analogy to provide from the world of fashion.

From the Daily Mail:

In a cheeky parody, avantgarde Turkish-born, British based designer Hussein Chalayan shocked the Paris Fashion Week crowd yesterday by sending a model down the runway wearing little more than a hat and a fetching pair of heels.

Perhaps this pared-down part of his collection will be available in shops - as the Emperor's New Clothes range?

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