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The Idea Grove Introduces New Offering: "Corporate Blogging 101"

Published: November 15, 2005       Updated: July 13, 2024

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(Author's note: Now here's a blast from the past.)

When I started a company called Brightpod with three co-founders in 2000, our goal was to offer corporate clients an easy way to access their data from wireless devices. We were a bit ahead of our time, and were fortunate to be acquired in the midst of the Nasdaq meltdown in summer 2001.

Because so many corporate clients were cautious about wireless data in 2000, we introduced "Mobile Data 101," a consulting offering designed to orient our clients with the wireless world. We had many takers for this service.

My early work in corporate blog consulting reminds me of the wireless market a few years ago.

Blogging, together with associated Web 2.0 innovations such as RSS, wikis and podcasting, are revolutionizing how people distribute and access information. But while forward-looking corporations are dipping their toes in the Web 2.0 waters, the great majority of companies are proceeding cautiously.

These companies may not believe they are ready for a blog -- but they still want to understand the blogosphere and its rapidly growing impact.

And so, the Idea Grove unveils "Corporate Blogging 101." The service is geared toward senior executives and marketing or communications departments (as opposed to techies) and has two parts:

1. Education Session

-- Overview of blogging and other Web 2.0 innovations
-- How Web 2.0 is changing business models
-- How Web 2.0 is changing marketing and PR
-- Analysis of successful corporate blogs
-- Guide to reputation management through blog monitoring
-- Tips for upgrading your Web site newsroom and Intranet
-- Discussion of client business goals
-- Ideation: how client goals may be advanced through blogs/Web 2.0.

2. Ideation Document

Provided within a week of the session, this deliverable offers ideas and recommendations for entering the Web 2.0 space based on Idea Grove research and client input. The document includes a variety of alternative courses of action, based on the level of buy-in achieved within the company. Communications departments don't need to wait for the CEO to become a blogger to make behind-the-scenes improvements in the communications program -- such as enhancing media monitoring, overhauling the online newsroom, and upgrading the Intranet.

Education Sessions can be held in person or online. Please contact the Idea Grove if you are interested.

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