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Are You Missing Out on These PR Opportunities?

Published: April 23, 2018       Updated: May 13, 2024

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It’s impossible to overstate how important media relations is to our clients. But while media relations is an essential part of public relations, it shouldn’t overshadow some of the other ways you can achieve your public relations goals.

Today, I’m sharing a sampling of the PR opportunities your company might be missing out on.

A Full-Fledged Awards Program

It’s not always easy for B2B technology companies to get recognition for the innovative solutions they offer. Creating an awards program for your business can move you leagues ahead towards bridging that gap.

Besides providing well-deserved recognition for your company, an awards program offers other benefits. From adding credibility to motivating employees, it’s a simple way to help you achieve your company's PR-related goals.

While you might not win every award you apply for, the journey is always worth the effort. You’ll often get to speak with persons in your company you’ve never contacted before. From them, you can gain new perspectives on everything from new product developments to captivating company stories that you might never have heard otherwise.

At Idea Grove, the most exciting awards opportunities are where we get  to interview our clients’ customers. Hearing how much value and support they receive brings home the hard work our clients put into ensuring the satisfaction of their customers. Often these conversations highlight our clients’ most impactful solutions, which in turn make for stronger future pitch opportunities.

Speaking Opportunities and Media Events

Your employees are hardworking and dedicated in their chosen fields, and submitting them for speaking opportunities is a fantastic way to display their expertise. In addition, it ensures prospective clients and customers have the opportunity to see the internal talent that your business attracts.

At Idea Grove, we help clients take advantage of more than just traditional speaking opportunities. We also look for other ways to shine a spotlight on SMEs our clients have available. One of my favorite approaches is to organize a press event around a timely, relevant industry topic. We’ll bring together an internal SME with industry leaders to create a live media event or one that can be recorded and viewed afterwards. By ensuring the topic is relevant and timely, we can connect with new publications and further position our clients as industry thought leaders.

Integration with Digital & Content Marketing

As an integrated agency, Idea Grove has unique opportunities to offer its clients. Even if a client is solely focused on PR, we often bring in digital marketing strategies to help support their goals. An effective way of doing this is to connect with and interview your internal teams about your company’s annual and quarterly goals. This can not only drive pitch ideas, but also  highlight areas where integrating your public relations efforts could be beneficial.

For example, we use Google Analytics’ UTM tracking data to measure how effectively bylines, press releases and other PR  efforts are supporting internal website traffic goals.

Additionally, by combining public relations and content marketing strategies, we’re able to create integrated content plans that ensure blogs, social media, white papers, case studies and creative assets are serving dual purposes. While many of these are created to drive lead-gen, they have the potential to assist media in understanding our clients’ services.

Media relations is often the main focus of your PR program. But incorporating these seemingly small opportunities can help put you on a stronger path  to achieving your company’s public relations goals.

We’re always looking for new ways to help our clients achieve their goals, whatever they might be. Learn more about the PR & Digital Marketing services that Idea Grove offers.

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