Brand Strategy


Marketers can get caught up in tactics, but real results come from a plan.

You could be trying to connect with the wrong buyers. You could have the right buyers but the wrong message. Or you’ve identified the right buyer and nailed the message, but your outdated visuals are undermining any connections you’re able to make.


Our Brand Strategy Process

  1. Our brand strategy process starts with conversations that help us and you discover the essence of your brand, its personality, your ideal buyer, and the unique story that you can tell them.

  2. Next, we work to find the gold in those conversations and pair that with competitor and industry research to help create a brand that stands apart from others in your space.

  3. We help you take that new brand and strategy and implement it, whether that’s with a new logo across your website and marketing and sales assets or it’s helping you take a product to market.


What would you like to know?

Your Questions Answered

Do I need to refresh my brand strategy?

If you are finding that your marketing tactics aren’t effective at all or not as effective as they used to be, then it’s time to think about a refresh of your brand strategy. Either of those situations is a sign that something inside your strategy is off. It could be that it was never properly targeted in the first place, or that your market has shifted and you haven’t kept up. Either way, if you’ve tried to fix your tactics and that still hasn’t worked, it’s time to consider whether your issues are bigger.

Where should brand strategy start?

Brand strategy starts with your buyers and knowing their motivations. Before you can reach them, you have to know what prompts them to start looking for new solutions. You have to know where they are going for information and what kind of information they find valuable. Once you know that, you know how to reach them. It’s easy to build out the rest of the brand strategy from there.

Why should I hire someone to help with brand strategy?

Brand strategy is critical but time-consuming work, and if you’re trying to refresh a brand strategy that’s gone stale, it could mean pausing all of the other marketing work that you’re doing until the brand work is complete. That’s not an option for most marketing leaders, so outsourcing the heavy lifting of the brand work while you oversee the overall project is optimal. Additionally, brand strategy work can be hard to do when you’re caught up in the everyday of an organization. It often takes someone with a fresh perspective on your business and your customers to come up with something that’s truly effective.

What is Idea Grove’s approach to messaging?

We believe that, more than anything, messaging has to be authentic. It’s what today’s buyer is demanding, and if your message doesn’t feel like it can naturally come from you then it’s going to fall flat. Or, worse, it’s going to actually turn off your buyer. That’s why we start the message development process with conversations. We want to get to know you as a business and you as people. Messaging is about matching your experience with your expertise. We can’t do that without talking to you.

I know my buyers. Do I still need buyer personas?

We would argue that you may not know your buyers as well as you think you do. That’s not to say you don’t know who the organizations you sell to are or what their surface-level challenges are. What you may not know, though, is what prompts your buyer to look for a solution in the first place, or what criteria they use when selecting a new vendor. Our buyer persona process gets into all of this, because it’s these smaller details that can make a difference in your brand taking off or falling flat.

DAVE CHAPLIN, <strong>ALTEZZA</strong>
“Idea Grove’s branding process starts with a conversation. They helped lead us through discussions that reframed how we saw our business internally and shifted how we spoke about and portrayed our company to the market as we relaunched our brand.”

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