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5 B2B Social Media Influencers You Should Be Following

Published: July 21, 2020       Updated: July 14, 2024

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5 B2B Social Media Influencers You Should Be Following

It's no secret that social media marketing changes continuously. Trends come and go so quickly that it’s hard to keep up. As social media marketers, we have to be ready to adapt and embrace new strategies. I test new ways to engage with audiences almost every day. I have to be creative and up to date with the trends to be successful on each channel. 

Knowing others' experiences and insights help me bridge the gap between what I’m doing and what I should consider doing for a brand's social media. These five influencers share helpful and informative content that challenge the way I approach social marketing. They can do the same for you.


Brian Solis 

Brian not only posts encouraging content for creatives and people in the business world, he also challenges you to look beyond a single perspective. He once said that “Influence is not popularity.” You can define how many people see something. What you can’t truly set, however, is how deeply someone is influenced by someone else. The helpful and encouraging content he posts keeps you working towards excellence.

You can follow Brian on Twitter and LinkedIn

Jay Baer

Jay said it best when he said, “Passion is the gasoline of social media”. His constant insights will enhance your business’s marketing capabilities and change the way you think. The resources he shares are vital to achieving the goals you’ve established for your social media content.

You can follow Jay on Twitter and LinkedIn

Tyrona Heath

Tyrona is a true social media strategist and inbound marketer. She uses her platform to share B2B marketing tips while working for one of the leading B2B marketing platforms, LinkedIn. She shares knowledge about her vision for diversity that is so valuable for making sure your social strategy is committed to inclusion. 

You can follow Tyrona on Twitter and LinkedIn

Kami Huyse

My favorite thing about Kami is how she shares her personal experiences on being successful on social media. Kami is committed to showing ways she knows will be successful because she has tested them herself. 

You can follow Kami on Twitter and LinkedIn

Rand Fishkin

Rand is a true thought leader with expertise in SEO and all facets of online marketing. He is transparent and provides information that is interesting and actionable. He is always using changes in data to inform his followers of current trends. Following Rand, I feel like I have a good grasp of what’s going on in marketing and social media.

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