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It's 2005: Time for Advertisers to Embrace Blogs

Published: December 3, 2005       Updated: April 21, 2024

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Note: This is a post from 2005. How times have changed.

What are you waiting for, folks? The technology is ready; the market is real. You snooze, you lose.

Some thoughts on the state of blog advertising —

From Pete Lerma:

Maybe 10,000 to 100,000 doesn’t sound like very many active blogs. But consider this: There are 49,000 daily journalists in the U.S. Conceivably, there are more well-informed, active bloggers out there than active journalists. That’s potentially tens of thousands of really influential people. People with an audience. An audience you can reach through their blogs.

From indieWIRE:

After working with tens of thousands of dollars of BlogAds across hundreds of different blogs for a number of different clients, I started to realize that part of the reason I saw such better response (as an advertiser) from BlogAds as compared to other advertisements (even on other blogs) was the format of the ads. Freed from the constraints of official banner sizes and given the flexibility of “mixed elements,” we consistently saw BlogAds over-perform for us if you found ways to make the most of those potentials.

From Starling Hunter:

This past summer, just before leaving MIT for a teaching job outside Dubai, I collected some data for an empirical study on blog advertising. The specific objective of the study was to determine the strongest predictors of the revenue earned by ads appearing on blogs. [Read his findings].

From Philip Kaplan of AdBrite:

We are super-excited to announce the release of the “Intermission”. So excited, in fact, that it’s hard to write this. Hands shaking, feet tapping, must contain ourselves (and lay off the caffeine.) We set out to create the ultimate ad unit. Sure, text ads and banner ads are good. But it’s time to innovate. To come up with a new kind of ad that makes more money for publishers, and gives more exposure to advertisers. [Read more.]

And from Henry Copeland of Blogads:

The ultra-sweet blogads for Anne Rice’s latest book, Christ the Lord, link to blog posts about the book. The conversation continues: “suddenly my blog traffic spiked. It felt like Anne Rice was sending all those people over to read my stuff.” Yes, when things go right,”markets are conversations.”

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