Published: Apr 19, 2018
Last Updated: Feb 19, 2021

O’Dwyer’s PR News, a leading public relations trade publication, has released its annual ranking of national PR firms for 2018, and Idea Grove has earned multiple distinctions. The trade publication ranked Idea Grove as the top technology PR firm in Texas based on revenues.

Among all Texas-based agencies, Idea Grove ranked third. The agency ranked 27rd  among technology PR firms nationwide, and 80th among all privately held PR firms.  Edelman topped the rankings with fees of $894 million in 2017.

 Idea Grove president and founder Scott Baradell attributed the agency’s success to its commitment to the unique needs of enterprise technology companies and the buyers they seek to reach.

“We recognize that the buyer for enterprise technology is changing, and we help our clients to better communicate with this buyer through the media as well as through the full range of digital channels,” Baradell said.  “To us, no industry is too technical and no technology too arcane to inspire great content that connects with audiences.”

Idea Grove’s roster of B2B technology clients includes SaaS, cybersecurity, marketing technology, retail technology, cloud, big data, IT infrastructure and communications players. 

O’Dwyer’s rankings are verified by income tax and W-3 forms to support fee and employee totals.

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Maria Baradell
Maria Baradell
Maria Baradell is a bilingual inbound marketing professional and Idea Grove’s Director of Demand Generation, helping our clients get qualified leads through online efforts. At Idea Grove, Maria and her team conceives, implements, manages, and optimizes all-round inbound marketing campaigns including content creation and design, email marketing, online advertising, social media, and public relations.

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