Published: Jul 9, 2018
Last Updated: May 29, 2021

In our latest MarTech Talk, we chat with Glenn Gaudet, the founder and CEO of Boston-based GaggleAMP. GaggleAMP helps organizations of all sizes amplify their social media programs by encouraging and rewarding employee participation.  Idea Grove is proud to be a premier GaggleAMP partner, having spoken at GaggleAMP's recent AMPlify conference with our client Pivot3. MarTech marketers should take note of GaggleAMP's growth story and what can be learned from it.

Topics covered include:

  • The founding of GaggleAMP 00:56
  • How has GaggleAMP grown? 03:55
  • How does GaggleAMP work? 6:55
  • Examples of social sharing activities 9:45
  • What are some of the factors in choosing a solution like GaggleAMP 11:30
  • Unique considerations for B2B technology 14:45
  • Success stories 16:30
  • Incentives and games that work 21:08




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Scott Baradell
Scott Baradell
Scott Baradell is CEO of the unified PR and marketing agency Idea Grove, one of the top 25 technology PR firms in the United States. His first book, Trust Signals, is scheduled for publication in 2021.

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