Published: Jun 2, 2020

Too many companies treat social media as just another marketing channel. They use the same language and the same content there that they use everywhere else and hope to see engagement. Unfortunately, social media isn't just another marketing channel.

Social media has its own language, its own expectations, and its own rules. It requires more than repurposing other content and making is social sized. It requires a unique approach.

Our social media manager, Talissa Beall, calls it playing in social's sandbox, and she and I recently had a conversation about what that means, why it's important, and the shift in mindset that it requires.

Listen to what she has to say then leave any comments or questions in the comments. We look forward to the conversation.


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Jarrett Rush
Jarrett Rush
Jarrett is responsible for the creation and implementation of client content strategy, ensuring not only is the right message being communicated but that it's being communicated in the right places using the right methods.

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