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The Importance Of Agility In B2B Tech PR

Published: May 21, 2020       Updated: May 13, 2024

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There's a phrase we are seeing and hearing everywhere. In newscasts. In industry blog posts. In the emails we receive (and maybe even send). It's some version of this: "These are unprecedented times." It can feel repetitive, but it’s also true.

For many businesses, maybe even yours, things are very uncertain. Everything is changing. For some industries the cultural and economic shifts we're all experiencing presents a real opportunity. For others, these shifts are forcing people to rethink directions all together. As an agency, we’ve been thinking about these kinds of opportunities and how companies should be responding to them in terms of PR and marketing.

I asked Alexis Diehl, a senior leader on our PR team, to sit down and chat with me about the need for agility in public relations and the foundation that needs to be in place so a business can respond quickly to these new opportunities.

Give the video a watch, then leave any questions you have in the comments. We look forward to the conversation.


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