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Idea Grove Client BearCom Uses Multiple Channels to Spread the Wireless Word

Published: November 23, 2011       Updated: July 13, 2024

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All our clients are powerful forces in their space. Just one has its own superhero.

Meg A. Hertz is the virtual chief technology officer for BearCom, America's only nationwide dealer of wireless communications equipment. When someone’s having a communications crisis, mild-mannered Meg turns into … Wireless Woman!

The Adventures of Wireless Woman is a comic-strip staple of “Today’s Wireless World,” a BearCom magazine. Wireless Woman is equipped with the latest wireless technology, which she uses to find missing children, rescue storm victims, and prevent all manner of businesses disasters.

Back at BearCom, Meg is the author of the BearCom Bulletin, the company’s blog about issues in the wireless communications industry. Wireless Woman’s adventures have even been captured on video; and she’s come out of the clouds (always with a crash) to rescue a clumsy cashier and a fashionable ferret.

Her next comedic adventure involves narrowbanding, the very serious mandate from the federal government that requires users of two-way radios to upgrade their technology. BearCom has been a leader in getting the word out on the mandate, which has a deadline of Jan. 1, 2013. It partnered with others to create, a comprehensive site devoted exclusively to the topic.

Narrowbanding will be a focus in the coming year for BearCom and for Wireless Woman. Watch for her!

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