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Top 25 PR Blogs and Podcasts To Follow in 2022

Published: August 30, 2022       Updated: June 16, 2024

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In today’s constantly changing PR landscape where new technologies, methods, strategies, and best practices arise daily, being a PR professional can be challenging. Finding the time to stay on top of all that is happening in the PR world, while also continuing to serve your clients, is difficult. 

To make things easier for you, we compiled a list of the top 25 PR blogs and podcasts that can help you keep your knowledge up to date. Bear in mind that because we define PR as securing trust at scale, rather than simply media relations, we cast what might be considered a broad net to find our favorites.

Let’s get started! 

1. B2B Marketing Exchange: The Podcast

Official Podcast - B2B Marketing Exchange

The B2B Marketing Exchange podcast is the must-listen podcast for everyone who wants to learn more about B2B marketing. Every week, a new episode is released featuring a top B2B marketing influencer or practitioner. Topics that are discussed include content strategy, demand generation, account-based marketing, and sales.

Perfect for you if: you want to learn more about "unspamming your brand" and other tactics that secure the trust of B2B customers.

​​Three episodes to listen to: 

  • Tackling B2B’s Big Trust Problem:
  • Better Together: The Combined Future of Demand & ABM:
  • Peace, Love & Revenue: The Power of Cross-Generational Collaboration:


2. Bulldog Reporter (Agility PR News)

Screenshot of Bulldog Reporter (Agility PR News) website

Searching for a new job in PR or already have one and need some tips? Or are you desperately looking for a schedule of PR-related webinars or a tool to build a new press release list? Bulldog is your place to be! While other tips in this list focus more on one or a few sectors, this blog tackles PR practices across many industries and specialties. Another nice aspect is that the content gets updated daily, so you will never be behind on new developments if you read the blog regularly. 

Perfect for you if: you are a fan of practical tips and tricks lists (just like this article!)

​​Three blog posts to read:

3. Cision

Screenshot of Cision website

This blog from the 800-pound gorilla of PR software provides public relations and marketing insights to help you navigate through the quickly changing media landscape. What makes the Cision blog unique is that many articles focus on the relationship between PR pros and journalists. Even though social media has had a huge impact on PR practices, it’s important not to forget about the written word! 

Perfect for you if: you are looking for insights into the role of journalism in PR.

​​Three blog posts to read:

4. Coffee With a Journalist 

Coffee with a Journalist features in-depth conversations with respected journalists. Each week, podcast host Beck Bamberger talks with editors, reporters, journalists and other media professionals who work directly with PR pros. She talks to them about their favorite (and least favorite) things about publicists, their favorite books, their outlook on the future of journalism and much more.

Perfect for you if: you want to know what goes on in the mind of a journalist.

​​Two episodes to listen to:

  • Olivia Solon, NBC News:

  • Erin Griffith, The New York Times:


5. Edelman Insights

Screenshot of Edelman Insights website

Edelman is a global communications firm—it recently became the first billion-dollar PR firm, in fact—and the agency's blog is a great resource for everyone in the industry. The Edelman blog focuses on how to evolve, promote and protect brands and reputations. As they invest in data-driven research, such as the famous Edelman Trust Barometer, they are always sharing new perspectives that can help PR professionals in their work.

Perfect for you if: you want to gain insights on evolving, promoting and protecting brands and reputations.

​​Three blog posts to read:

6. The Flack

Screenshot of the Flack website

The Flack exhibits an interesting perspective on the role—however subtle—public relations plays in politics, popular culture, media/journalism, business/finance, technology, marketing, healthcare, and sports: basically every aspect of our lives. It’s quite a personal blog, written and overseen by our friend Peter Himler of Flatiron Communications since 2005 (the same year our own founder, Scott Baradell, started this blog).

Perfect for you if: you want to know more about the role PR plays in daily life. 

​​Three blog posts to read:

7. HubSpot

Screenshot of Hubspot website

 A “top business blogs” article wouldn’t be complete without the HubSpot blog. HubSpot is a sales and marketing software company, and its blog is open to anyone who wants to learn about marketing and sales. HubSpot’s philosophy is to have the best interest of the customer at heart. That’s why they have created an ecosystem uniting software, education, and community to help businesses grow better. 

The blog, founded in 2006, covers topics like SEO, social media, content marketing and PR. Idea Grove, in fact, was one of the first PR agencies to become a HubSpot partner.

Perfect for you if: want to learn the ins and outs of marketing. 

​​Three blog posts to read:

8. Idea Grove

Screenshot of Idea Grove website

The Idea Grove blog, originally called Media Orchard, was one of the first PR blogs when it launched in February 2005. The blog's popularity has long driven the agency's growth; at one time, we even had a larger audience than PR Week—before trade publications got wise to the blogging game. Over the past 17 years, Idea Grove has offered plenty of tips and tricks to share, so it is definitely worth checking out our content.  And we recently made FeedSpot's list of top PR blogs as well.

Perfect for you if: you are interested in trust-centered PR and marketing.

​​Three blog posts to read: 

9. Influence & Co.

Screenshot of Ifluence & co website

Influence & Co. is a great example of a PR agency that has evolved over time to better serve its clients. As a content marketing firm with a foundation in traditional PR,  the agency offers a unique perspective that bridges the worlds of PR and marketing. Of particular interest are their posts on SEO and content marketing ROI. 

Perfect for you if: you want to up your content marketing game.

​​Three blog posts to read:

10. Institute of Public Relations

Screenshot of institute of public relations website

The IPR conducts nonprofit public relations research dedicated to the science behind the art of public relations. The research the IPR conducts has three main focus points: 

  • Using planning, research and measurement to evaluate communication programs;
  • Understanding best practices 
  • Social sciences within public relations 

This is the most research-oriented tip on this list, but we definitely recommend taking a look at the research. Why? Because, while some PR practices are successfully based on gut feeling and learning by doing, it can be insightful to have some evidence based practices at the back of your mind. 

Perfect for you if: you are looking for a scientific basis for your PR practices. 

​​Three blog posts to read:

11. The Marketing Millennials

This podcast gives you insight into the minds and strategies of marketing professionals from around the globe and how you can put their wisdom to use in your company. Podcast host Daniel Murray asks only one thing of his guests: tell the story, or it didn’t happen. 

Perfect for you if: Want to listen to fun, unfiltered, industry conversation with the marketing game-changers behind some of the coolest companies worldwide. 

​​Three episodes to listen to: 

  • How Jason Bradwell is fixing B2B marketing:

  • Developing a brand strategy with Amanda Goetz:
  • Marketing psychology: tips and tricks with Phill Agnew:


12. Meltwater

Screenshot of Meltwater website

Meltwater believes that business strategy will increasingly be shaped by insights from the growing world of online data. The look and feel of this blog are very hip and trendy. With its clean designs and insightful case studies, webinars, e-books and reports, this blog is a real must-read. 

Perfect for you if: you want to know more about the intersection between marketing and data. 

​​Three blog posts to read:

13. People Buy People

In PR, it's all about building relationships and that starts with understanding people. In this podcast, host Laura Sutherland will help you how you can build trust, relationships, and advocacy. The podcast is easy to listen to, and every episode is packed with great tips that you can put into practice right away!

Perfect for you if: you’re looking for an easy-going podcast packed with great PR tips.

Three episodes to listen to:

  • Laura Talks to Jim Hawker About PR After The Pandemic And His Business Journey
  • How Will The PR Industry Be Accountable For Improving Diversity And Inclusion?
  • Laura Chats to Rebecca Roberts About Communicating With Young People:


14. PR Couture

Screenshot of PR Couture website

PR Couture is geared towards fashion & lifestyle communications professionals looking to up their game and stand out. But don’t worry if you’re not in fashion & lifestyle: for all PR professionals, there are some interesting articles. On the PR Couture blog, you can expect expert insights, PR strategies and practical career advice. 

Perfect for you if: you are looking for innovative PR strategies or career advice. 

​​Three blog posts to read:


15. PR Daily

Screenshot of PR Daily website

PR Daily is a website that provides daily news and tips for PR professionals. They cover a wide range of topics, from crisis management to media relations. PR Daily is a great resource for anyone who wants to stay on top of the latest industry news and trends.

Perfect for you if: you want to stay up-to-date with the latest industry news and trends.

​​Three blog posts to read:

16. PR In Your Pajamas

Screenshot of PR in your Pajamas website

The goal of the blog PR In Your Pajamas is to give back to the PR community and help educate marketing peers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and nonprofits with mak their voices heard and build a brand name. 

Perfect for you if: you are a small business entrepreneur or starting PR professional and want to establish yourself or your brand name. 

​​Three blog posts to read:


17. The PRovoke Media Podcast

The PRovoke podcast provides global coverage of the public relations industry. It features guests from all across the world to discuss the latest developments in the marketing world. The podcast covers a broad range of topics ranging from education, public health, to the constantly changing markets affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Perfect for you if: you are looking for critical perspectives on PR practices and practical tips and tricks.

​​Three episodes to listen to:

  • Partnering to Bolster Multicultural Communications: 
  • What Does 2022 Hold for Consumer PR Agencies?
  • 5 reasons PR Should be Involved in Lead Generation:


18. PRsay

Screenshot of PRSay website

PRsay posts about a variety of themes. Being a thought leader in the field, PRsay shares its thoughts on ethics, advocacy and diversity in the PR field. The blog features practical, how-to sections on training and development. The tactical pieces and professional advice are useful for both very experienced PR pros and rookies at the beginning of their careers. 

Perfect for you if: you value critical contemporary perspectives on PR.

​​Three blog posts to read:



Screenshot of SHIFT website

SHIFT is a PR company with a strong focus on data-driven decisions. That’s not a crazy thought in a world where data is becoming increasingly important. 

SHIFT provides up-to-date perspectives on global developments and how they are affecting the PR world. For example, they have content about Elon Musk’s recent Twitter acquisition attempt, going viral on TikTok, and taking a stance on social issues. They also have more in-depth resources that explore subjects like healthcare communications, broad trends and crisis communication. 

Perfect for you if: you want to stay up to date on the latest global developments and what their repercussions will be for PR. 

​​Three blog posts to read:


20. Social Media Crisis Management

Screenshot of Social Media Management website

They say you should never waste a good crisis. For PR professionals, the goal is usually to avert a crisis as fast as possible. The Social Media Crisis Management Blog focuses on moments of crisis that a company can be confronted with and how to react to these situations. 

The writer of the blog, Melissa Agnes, is founder and CEO of the Crisis Ready Institute and is a recognized authority on crisis preparedness, reputation management, and brand protection. Agnes is the creator of the Crisis Ready® Model and has the necessary knowledge and tools in hand to help you deal with a PR crisis. 

Perfect for you if: you are facing a PR crisis and could use some help. 

​​Three blog posts to read:


21. Social PR Secrets: Public Relations Podcast for Entrepreneurs 

The Social PR Secrets podcast is a source for practical and relevant ways to combine the strengths of public relations, social media and SEO. Join podcast host Lisa Buyer every week while she interviews a diverse group of guests that have their roots in the PR world.

You should also check this one out if you are struggling with the PR workload and are looking for ways to create more balance between work success, health and happiness. 

Perfect for you if: you want to learn more about the intersections of PR, SEO and social media. 

​​Three episodes to listen to: 

  • Guy Kawasaki’s lessons on social media content
  • Write it down! PR planning secrets:
  • SEO/SMO exerts Virginia Nussey, Mindy Weinstein and Kristi Kellogg:


22. Solo PR Pro (Blog & Podcast)

Screenshot of Solo PR blog website

Solo PR Pro is a website and podcast that helps solo PR professionals build successful businesses. If you're a freelancer or independent PR professional, you face different challenges than those working in-house or at an agency. This website is dedicated to helping you overcome those challenges and build a successful business.

Perfect for you if: you're a solo PR professional who wants to build a successful business.

Three blog posts to read:

Three episodes to listen to:

  • How to Communicate in a Crisis:
  • How Solo PR Pros Can Manage Client Communications:
  • PR Is Not A Popularity Contest:


23. Spin Sucks

screenshot of spin sucks website

Someone working in PR or corporate communications, often jokingly (or not so jokingly) gets called a "spin doctor." This word doesn’t always have a positive connotation. Spin Sucks is a blog devoted to breaking down the negative perceptions of the PR field. The blog does this by revealing damaging practices in the industry and celebrating the genuine ones. 

Perfect for you if: you are looking for critical perspectives on PR practices and practical tips and tricks.

​​Three blog posts to read:


24. Trust Signals

Screenshot of Trust Signals website

Trust Signals is a blog about brand trust: how to get it and how to keep it. In a world where consumers are bombarded with marketing messages from all sides, it's more important than ever for brands to focus on creating content that earns the trust of their target audience. The blog covers topics related to PR, marketing, and thought leadership.

Perfect for you if: you want to learn how to get and keep brand trust.

​​Three blog posts to read: 

25. Word of mouth

This podcast emphasizes the importance of words and language. It is perfect for any PR professional who wants to learn more about the importance of choosing the right words for telling a story. It’s produced by the BBC, and it explores the way we all experience language differently. Not every episode is that relevant for PR professionals, but the ones that are will hopefully inspire you to really think about the words you choose.  

Perfect for you if: you want to know more about the importance of language for the message you are trying to bring across. 

​​Three blog posts to read:

  • What is language actually good for?
  • The power of telling stories:
  • PR: how not to do it:


You’re all set!

Now you have read all our recommendations, it’s time to get reading and listening! We hope you can use the tips to your advantage and stay on top of the PR game and be the best PR professional you can be. Happy learning!

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