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Flatten the Learning Curve

Why work with a boutique agency that specializes in B2B tech and manufacturing? Because we don't have a learning curve like the other guys. We know the players. We work with the media that covers them. We create content with a depth of knowledge and perspective that others lack. These are the benefits of doing one thing, and one thing well, for many years.

Information Technology and AI

Breakthroughs shouldn't get lost in the digital ether. We craft targeted PR & marketing strategies to amplify your voice and propel your AI and IT innovations into the spotlight.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Forge a path through the industrial landscape. Our deep industry knowledge translates into impactful PR and marketing campaigns that drive success for your brand, like a finely tuned machine.

Supply Chain and Logistics

Don't let your message get lost in transit. We develop build brand awareness and optimize results for supply chain and logistics brands, ensuring your message reaches its destination.

Hire the Experts

Expertise in B2B Industries: Grow Your Share of Voice, Grow Your Business

For companies offering high-consideration products and services, Idea Grove is a Dallas-based PR agency that specializes in building distinctive brands and growing our clients' Share of Voice (SOV) through our Integrated Online Visibility Engine. Unlike PR agencies that offer vague promises and digital marketing firms that focus on collecting leads of questionable value, Idea Grove is laser-focused on the proven long-term strategy for business growth—increasing SOV relative to competitors.

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Manufacturing: Challenges and Opportunities

Our deep understanding of the manufacturing industry allows us to develop tailored marketing programs that address critical challenges and unlock new growth potential.

Facing Challenges

We create content showcasing your expertise in reducing waste, promoting sustainability, and streamlining production to attract new customers. This may include case studies, white papers, and thought leadership highlighting real-world success stories.

Seizing Opportunities

We create content showcasing your expertise in utilizing cutting-edge technologies like AI and data analytics, demonstrating successful implementations and the competitive edge they offer through press releases, blog posts, and case studies.


Transportation and Logistics: Keeping Your Brand on the Move

Navigating PR and marketing in the transportation and logistics industry presents a unique set of challenges, from the highly diverse and technical nature of services to often-limited marketing budgets. While measuring ROI and brand awareness can be tricky, effective communication can ultimately build trust, attract new clients, and propel growth in this complex ecosystem.

IT and AI: Shaping Tomorrow

We don't just follow trends, we shape them. Our B2B tech expertise translates into powerful narratives and impactful media coverage for IT and AI companies, positioning you as a thought leader and driving accelerated growth. Partner with us to achieve the full potential of these transformative technologies.


Our team of experts is well-versed in the latest technologies and trends in IT & Al.


We help businesses leverage the power of IT & Al to drive growth and innovation.

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We help businesses in IT and AI, manufacturing and industrial, and supply chain and logistics to scale new heights in visibility and growth.