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More and more PR firms offer web development services today. But just how good are those agencies' own websites?

Back in 2006, I wrote Idea Grove's first blog post comparing the websites of major PR firms. We've rebooted that post a few times over the years, and this is our 2020 update.  We've based our rankings on the analysis of Nibbler, a tool by U.K.-based Silktide that gives a numerical rating to websites based on design, development, SEO and other criteria. The free service has graded more than 6 million websites on a scale of 1 to 10.

This week, we ran O'Dwyer's 20 top-ranked independent U.S. firms by revenue through Nibbler. These firms range from $892 million in 2019 revenues (Edelman) to $29.5 million (Fahlgren Mortine). 

The results are in the table below, with agencies listed in order of Nibbler ranking. 

  1. Prosek Partners 9.6
  2. French | West | Vaughan 9.5
  3. ICR 9.2
  4. Finn Partners 9.1
  5. Padilla 9.1
  6. Citizen Relations 9.0
  7. Coyne PR 9.0
  8. W2O Group 9.0
  9. Zeno Group 9.0
  10. Fahlgren Mortine 8.9
  11. Kivvit 8.9
  12. Edelman 8.8
  13. 5W Public Relations 8.7
  14. APCO Worldwide 8.7
  15. G&S Business Communications 8.7
  16. Hotwire 8.4
  17. IMRE 8.0
  18. MWWPR 7.9
  19. Spectrum 7.9
  20. Ruder Finn 6.1

Idea Grove (ranked 87th nationally by O'Dwyer's) came in at a solid 9.0.





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Scott Baradell
Scott Baradell
Scott oversees one of the fastest-growing and most forward-looking public relations and inbound marketing agencies in the southwestern United States. Idea Grove focuses on helping technology companies reach media and buyers; and its clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 200 companies.

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