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Some agencies will try to wow you with visually acrobatic designs that have a similar appeal to a fireworks display. Boom. Bang. Pop. Other agencies talk about transactional lead generation. They seem to think telling your company's story is a simple arithmetic equation. Input content, output sales. It doesn't work that way. We operate from a simple premise: If your visitors don't believe you, nothing else matters. We call this approach "trust-centered web design."


Our Approach To Websites

  1. A website worthy of your visitors' trust starts with a comprehensive plan. We begin all our website projects by sitting down with you and creating a blueprint that includes gaining a true understanding of your buyers.

  2. Working in batches, our design, content, and development teams will craft the building blocks of your site — wireframes, page mockups, custom modules, templates — and involve you every step of the way. 

  3. We believe websites are living, breathing things, so we work with our clients after launch to continually improve their sites. We ensure your site never loses sight of the trust signals necessary to turn visitors into buyers.


What would you like to know?

Your Questions Answered

How is Idea Grove’s approach to web design different from other agencies?

Our agency focuses on achieving one thing and one thing only. Trust. That's true for our approach to web design, our approach to content, our approach to public relations and everything else. Are you doing everything possible to earn the buyer's trust? Does your design firm truly understand your business, your product, your buyers? If not, the visual pyrotechnics and lead-gen formulas mean nothing. We have taken a trust-centered approach to web development for years, and are leaders in this approach.  We also believe that websites are living things and that the old model of waiting years between redesigns just doesn’t work anymore. Every aspect of PR and digital marketing is aimed at getting people to your site. That site needs to be continually optimized, not just occasionally. For us, website projects don’t have a beginning and an end, because your site should be in a constant state of optimization. 

What is Idea Grove’s website process like?

We start the website redesign process with a conversation. We ask about business goals and the role your website is expected to play in meeting those goals. We will learn about your buyers and work with you to fill in the gaps that will help us better understand them. We then take that information and come up with a plan for the kind of site we think can best meet your objectives. Once we’ve decided on the site’s structure and functionality, we turn to the look and feel of the site. This is where we talk about images and colors and fonts. In other words, this is the fun part. But we never shirk on the initial planning. As tempting as it can be to start putting the paint on the walls, we have to get the bones right, and that’s why those first few steps are crucially important to giving you a site that not only sparkles visually, but also helps you meet the business goals you’ve been tasked with achieving.

What platform do you build websites on?

While we are able to build sites on any of the popular CMS platforms, we prefer to build sites on HubSpot CMS. We find that the HubSpot platform is easy to work with and allows for visual flexibility. Also, when integrated with the HubSpot marketing platform, it allows you to natively pair your website CMS with your marketing automation tools. This allows you to know which pages visitors have been to on your site so you can expertly retarget them with content tailored to their expressed interests. Yes, there are tools you can use to do this with sites built on other popular CMS platforms, but using those kinds of tools come with some risks. First, you have to manually update them. If you don’t, you run the risk of losing some functionality. You could also put your site at risk if you miss an update that was made to patch a security vulnerability. Second, you run the risk of the maker of that tool sunsetting it in favor of another project or just abandoning it (and the support you rely on) altogether.

Will I be able to edit my website, or will I need to pay you more to make changes later?

Yes, you will. We try to avoid hardcoding sites. That’s not saying there won't be some hardcoded elements, but we aim to build sites using a templates-and-modules approach. That doesn’t mean you’ll get a site that looks like everyone else’s website in your space; you will still get something that reflects you and your brand. But because we believe you should be continually modifying and updating your site, we build it in a way that makes that process as easy as possible. It also means it’s something that you don’t necessarily need us to do. At the end of the project, we want to continue working with you to optimize your site, but we will also give you the keys to your new castle.

What is included in your website design projects?

Typically, website projects are the beginning of a longer-term relationship with us. We start with a website redesign. Those typically take between three and six months, but, depending on the size of the site, that could be longer. After the site is completed, we often move into the continuous improvement phase, where we start tracking and analyzing the traffic on your site and how visitors are using it to make recommendations of updates and changes that we think will help you better meet your established goals. That said, we also do website designs as one-time project work. That doesn’t change our process at all. Each website redesign still starts with a conversation about business goals and what is expected from your website in terms of meeting those goals.
LIZ THRAILKILL, <strong>GDS LINK</strong>
“The Idea Grove website process starts by establishing goals and a strategy for your site. Then, working from there, they build you a site that’s more than just good to look at. It performs.”

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