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Master These 10 Skills to Move Up in Your PR Career

Published: October 27, 2015       Updated: May 13, 2024

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PR professionals know that work can sometimes seem like a juggling act. Whether you’re still new to the world of public relations or have been around the block a few times, you’re probably well aware of the lightning pace at which PR is evolving. Navigating through a career in public relations can be challenging. The following tips can help guide you toward growth and success.

  1. Know your facts. Whether you're putting out a tweet, a press release or blog post for a client, it’s crucial that you know what you’re talking about. Double or even triple check your facts before you publish. The last thing you want to do is to make a mistake you can’t retract.
  1. Stay in the know. News is breaking all around us, 24 hours a day. To stay informed, choose a source of news that’ll keep you updated on what’s happening around the world. It would be embarrassing to let news that impacts your clients pass by without your noticing.
  1. Avoid careless mistakes. An error in your writing has the potential to seriously discredit you as a professional. It takes practice, but perfecting your spelling skills, ability to catch grammatical errors and familiarizing yourself with the AP Stylebook are good places to start.
  1. Step outside your comfort zone. Maintain a flexible attitude when offered the opportunity to take on a new challenge or project. Challenge yourself to try unfamiliar tasks. Ask if you can jump in on a new campaign. These experiences will help you grow and become a more well-rounded PR professional.
  1. Know your strengths. There are many different aspects of public relations, and it’s impossible to be the best at all of them. Discover the areas where you can contribute the most, showcasing your ability to shine in a particular area.
  1. Pay attention to detail. It’s important to keep your eyes peeled for mistakes within every piece of work that passes your eyes. Missing out on a glaring mistake could be harmful to the entire company, so it’s essential to make a habit of thoroughly sifting through every detail of your work.
  1. Become comfortable with research. Researching your clients, topics and public attitudes thoroughly can dramatically improve the quality and efficiency of your work. Conducting research is as essential as any aspect of PR; don’t undervalue it.
  1. Master the art of multitasking. One great thing about public relations is that you will never be bored. As mentioned above, PR can often seem like a juggling act, and if you don’t learn how to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities, it’s easy to be left behind.
  1. Learn from your mistakes. Accept that you will make mistakes along your journey as a PR pro, and that everyone who came before you made them, too. The important thing is to turn it into a lesson so you don’t make the same mistake twice. Learning from your mistakes is how you can become a more polished PR pro in the long run.
  1. Love what you do. Last but not least: Have a passion for what you do. Maintaining that sense of joy you get out of your work is not only the best way to remain engaged on a daily basis; it also turns a job into a meaningful experience that brings both personal growth and satisfaction into your life.

Whether you're a new pro or a veteran, these tips can help you gain the focus you need to move up in your PR career. Good luck! 

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