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What Do the Top 5 Oscar Tweets Have to Do With B2B Tech PR?

Published: February 29, 2016       Updated: May 13, 2024

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It’s not too often that we get to roll out the red carpet in the B2B technology space. We don’t participate in “who wore it better” polls, and we definitely don’t need to know the answer to “who are you wearing?” In fact, when explaining to friends or family that we execute social media for B2B technology companies, they don’t usually imagine a Twitter feed full of glitz and glam.

The amazing thing about social media, though, is that it transcends focus areas, job titles and ages. Everyone has a voice and social media gives us all a place for it to be heard. The perfect example of this is during big events like the Oscars. Last night Twitter taught us plenty of life lessons that easily translate to the world of public relations for any type of business, whether you’re promoting the hottest awards show in the film industry or a client’s newest B2B software.

When it comes to social media, we all use it and we all love it. So where does B2B technology PR intersect with the Oscars? While we don’t come with all the glitz and glam that hits the red carpet, I’d say a lot. Take a look.

1. Cut to the Chase

We’re all crossing our fingers for Leo to finally take it home, so the three-hour wait was a little much. Similarly, PR reporters need to know where the story is right from the beginning. No one likes waiting – give people what they’re looking for.

2. Use Your Network

We've heard it time and time again; it's all about who you know. So whether you're cultivating a relationship with that one reporter from your client’s "wish list" publication or a Girl Scout with connections to Oscar host Chris Rock, take advantage of your network!

3. Focus on the Hits

Whether you’re sending a pitch or hosting the Oscars, everyone has hits and misses. Not every press release gets picked up for a story and not every joke ends in laughter. Focus on the hits!

4. Avoid a “Whoopsie"

It is crucial to double-check your facts when it comes to social media. Once you send a tweet into the digital world it’s out there for good. This company accidentally mistook Whoopie Goldberg for Oprah and tweeted about her tattoo. They later took responsibility for their mistake and apologized, but it’s better to do your fact checking from the beginning and not let this happen at all.

5. Good Things Come to Those Who Wait

Patience and persistence pay off. Leo finally got his Oscar and you can finally land that top tier publication with persistence and hard work.

Whether it’s how to fix a mistake or how to properly prepare for a long-awaited Oscar speech, there are PR lessons to take from each of these Oscar tweets. No matter your job title, focus area or age, social media platforms can be utilized to engage an audience and learn a couple lessons along the way.

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