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Idea Grove Hires Vice President of Client Development and Partnerships

Published: July 21, 2020       Updated: April 21, 2024

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Idea Grove is excited today to announce it has welcomed David Reiter as vice president of client development and partnerships. In this newly created role, Reiter will work hand-in-hand with founder and CEO Scott Baradell and President and COO John Lacy to drive the agency’s growth across its PR and marketing practices. This move demonstrates the company’s commitment to meeting its 2020 goals for expanding its client base in Dallas/Fort Worth and nationwide.
In his new role, Reiter will be responsible for advancing the agency’s business development and partner growth. With his extensive leadership experience and proven track record of driving new business revenue, Reiter was the perfect fit to position Idea Grove for substantial growth in the coming year and beyond. Prior to joining Idea Grove, Reiter held multiple senior leadership positions at software companies and marketing agencies, as well as several successful start-ups, where he honed his skills in cultivating a robust network of business leaders and created his results-driven development approach.
“I am excited to play a role in the next phase of Idea Grove’s evolution,” said Reiter. “Powered by top talent and a forward-thinking approach to business, I have full confidence that Idea Grove will achieve substantial growth—in both revenue and reputation—in the coming years.”
In addition to welcoming Reiter to its quickly expanding leadership team, Idea Grove recently deployed several programs to set the company up for its expected growth. These new agency-wide initiatives are the nuts and bolts of running a successful company, from how to do long-term planning to running effective meetings. These deployments are helping the company build better teams, foster a healthy work environment and give every member of the staff—from interns to the C-suite—the tools and motivation to drive business growth.
The first of these programs is the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which is used by many small businesses worldwide. The EOS focuses on six key components designed to strengthen the organization: vision, people, data, issues, traction and process. From standardizing processes to ensuring the company has the right staff, in the right roles, the EOS lays the foundation for Idea Grove’s growth trajectory.
In addition to the EOS, Idea Grove recently rolled out open-book management as outlined in Jack Stack’s “The Great Game of Business.” Using this model, the team is working to accomplish three goals across all levels of the company: knowing and teaching the rules of business, tracking actions and reporting results, and providing a stake in the outcome. The ultimate goal is to create a healthy, profitable company that can provide stable, long-term employment for anyone who wants to work at Idea Grove.
The final program the agency introduced is its extended education program. Idea Grove believes that to remain innovative, collaborative and forward-thinking, all team members must continually expand their knowledge base and actively drive their own professional evolution. In that vein, the agency launched its professional development reading program, in which team members read books that aid in nurturing leadership practices and an effective, high-performance culture. The program includes several books by best-selling author, Patrick Lencioni, such as “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team,” “The Ideal Team Player,” and “The Truth About Employee Engagement.”
Supported by the development prowess of David Reiter and the introduction of key programs by President and COO John Lacy, Idea Grove is poised to continue its reputation for excellence in the B2B technology marketing space throughout 2020 and beyond.
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