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B2B tech PR is more than media relations.

When tech companies contact us for PR help, many at first want to focus only on media relations. But that's too narrow a strategy in 2021. We ask them this question: "What is the business goal of media coverage for you?" Ultimately, that's what we want to help you achieve. 

Today, the most effective PR strategies integrate all the major forms of third-party validation, including media coverage, online reviews and influencer marketing. Because it's no longer just about how you appear in the press; it's about how you appear everywhere.


Our Trust-Centered Approach to PR

  1. Develop a strategy for making sure your brand earns visibility in the channels your audiences value most, ranging from top industry and tech news websites to niche online communities and online review sites.

  2. Make your story sizzle. This could be getting customers to speak in an exclusive press conference, sharing case studies on top review sites, collaborating with influencers on a product deep dive, or amplifying your next big announcement with an online media tour.

  3. Wash, rinse, repeat. We continuously analyze and improve, using data to inform our evolving strategy, shape priorities, and optimize results.


What would you like to know?

Your Questions Answered

Why does my B2B tech company need PR?

Your company needs PR because PR establishes trust, and brands need trust more than ever. Public relations is no longer simply about securing mentions in the press, although that’s still part of it. The media landscape is evolving dramatically. The press remains critically important, but is only one source of influence on buyer trust. Today, a wide range of trust signals, from branded search results to how your company appears on customer review sites, make a PR program a complex mosaic. Managing that requires a strategy for what to tackle and when. That’s why you need to work with a B2B tech PR firm that understands how to manage not just your relations with the media but how you relate more broadly to the public.

Is my company ready for a PR agency?

If you are a mid-market B2B tech company looking to grow, then you need public relations. You need to have a presence in the media to gather attention. You need to manage how you appear in branded search results, and you need help optimizing how you appear on third-party review sites. All of this is how you create brand trust, and it’s brand trust more than anything else that is going to determine long-term success.

Does PR translate into business growth?

Yes, it does. It’s also possible, despite what some other agencies or more traditional opinions may state, to show a connection between PR efforts and business results.

How important is it that my PR team has deep technical knowledge of my industry?

While deep technical knowledge of your industry isn’t a must-have, working with a B2B tech PR firm that has a deep understanding of not just your industry but also the B2B tech world, in general, is going to benefit you in two ways. First, it’s much easier to hit the ground running. You aren’t going to need to spend time in kick-off meetings educating your new agency on the basics of your industry or your business. You can dive in and receive specific recommendations borne of experience. Second, you will benefit from the work already done for previous clients. Your agency will already have contacts with the media and analysts that it can leverage on your behalf.

What is unique about Idea Grove’s approach to PR?

Idea Grove’s approach to PR is different from other firms in that we don’t just focus on securing media placements. While we know those are important, we also recognize that the media doesn’t have the trust or influence that it once had. Today, public relations is about all of the ways your business relates to the public, and that’s why it needs to include things like how you appear in branded search results and what your profile looks like on third-party review sites. Our approach to PR incorporates management of all of these aspects of your public appearance because worrying about media relations is no longer enough.

MICHELLE FANNING, <strong>PIVOT3</strong>
“Idea Grove doesn’t come to the table with a formulaic approach to PR. They build individual strategies that match your specific goals, and it’s how they helped us get national coverage in major outlets when we were an emerging vendor.”

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