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3 Strategies for Marketing to Tech-Happy Millennials

Published: July 15, 2014       Updated: July 13, 2024

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With social media channels and mobile communications, today’s millennials prefer to create their own experience. Millennials are at that age; they’re graduating college, entering the work force, and most importantly, spending their disposable income.

As a millennial myself, I know first hand how Generation Y is changing the marketing industry. We’re the ones making the purchases, so why wouldn’t you want to target us in your marketing campaign?

The problem is that brands are having a hard time with the execution. We’re different than any other generation, so your approach must be different as well. The fact is, we don’t use mobile devices or social media the same way as our parents, or even our grandparents. Here are three tips to consider when targeting the millennial audience:

Be Interesting

Just give us something to talk about. I appreciate a clever video as much as the next person, but if it doesn’t contribute any new information for me to discuss with my friends, then it quickly becomes a thing of the past. Create a conversation around your product; don’t just give me a two-minute laugh. Marketers should use social media creatively to try and stand out from their competitors to catch our attention.

Show That You’re Listening

Often times, we are willing to share with you what we want, need or feel, and it’s important for a brand to listen because, ultimately, we’re the ones buying the product.

Asking your customers and using their words to craft a marketing message is a great place to start. This not only gives you fresh new ideas, but it also shows your customers that they’ve been heard.

Quality and Service Are Still Important

We are extremely accessible to technology, which makes it very easy for us to find your competitors online. Because of this, the quality of the products and/or services you provide is essential. We notice the businesses that take the time to provide a great experience for their customers. Otherwise, expect us to spread our bad experiences and faulty product reviews online. Word-of-mouth marketing is very much alive and bigger than ever. It’s important to keep your customers happy in order to reduce the spread of unhappy customer reviews.

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