Research firm Gartner recently forecast that marketing executives and other business users would control a larger portion of technology spending than CIOs by 2017. This trend makes it more important than ever for B2B technology companies to tell their stories in compelling ways. Idea Grove can translate the benefits of even the most complex technologies to your prospects, the news media, and other audiences.

But don’t take our word for it.  Here’s what our clients say about us:



"RiseSmart hired Idea Grove when we had just gotten off the ground. Scott and his team have been true strategic marketing partners ever since. We have appeared four times in the Wall Street Journal, including on the front page; on national and local television ranging from CNBC to ESPN; and in many tech outlets. Idea Grove also started our social media presence and content marketing strategy, creating a foundation that we’ve been building upon ever since. When Randstad purchased RiseSmart for $100 million in late 2015, Scott was one of the first calls I made, to thank Idea Grove for being a great partner in our journey and success. ”

Sanjay Sathe B2B Tech PR



I selected Idea Grove to create a new website for our expanded organization based in large part on the work they had done for other clients.  Their holistic, thoughtful approach to site design as well as focus on tying website performance to lead generation and other business objectives sets them apart.  In addition, they won high marks for the development of buyer personas as part of their process, prioritizing customer feedback to inform a highly effective design.

MIKE-TOUHEY B2B tech web design



“After engaging Idea Grove to audit our fragmented social media presence almost a year ago, we’ve experienced success and increased engagement across all social platforms. After just one month of managing our social platforms, our Twitter profile presence improved dramatically with a 200% increase in page engagement. This data reflects Idea Grove’s successful efforts in streamlining our content and bringing our brand presence under one unified umbrella.”

BELINDA Rueffer B2B tech public realations



“The Idea Grove team has a deep understanding of B2B technology and has the ability to translate this knowledge into effective PR and marketing strategies and purposeful content. I have great respect for the quality of the team and the work they do."

CHARLIE-YOUNG B2B tech Public relations



The managed IT services space is crowded and, for many prospective clients, confusing. Idea Grove conducted industry research to help us see where the marketing strategies of our competitors left opportunities for us to differentiate ourselves with online buyers. They also interviewed our company’s buyers – pulling recent wins and losses from our CRM – to give us insights into what motivated customers to choose us over their other options. The process has helped us to pinpoint our messaging to target our ideal customers and to highlight our unique value proposition to the marketplace.

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