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Everyone wants leads, but are you prepared to turn them into customers once you have them?

Most companies aren’t. Either you don't have the sufficient tools to create lead nurturing automation that can turn those leads to clients, or you don't know what to do with the marketing automation tools you do have. Either way, our HubSpot consulting experts can help you move your leads from prospects to paying customers.


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Our HubSpot Partner Experience

  1. As a trusted HubSpot partner, we start by making sure your tech stack is working for you. From marketing and sales automation to CRM implementation and website design, we'll help make sure you have the tools you need to reach your goals. 

  2. Once we align on your goals, we provide a roadmap for how your HubSpot tools can fit into your strategy. Whether you're an existing HubSpot user or just getting started, we ensure you're getting the most out of your software. 

  3. From onboarding and initial training to managing your HubSpot instance as an extension of your team, we tailor your HubSpot Partner experience to fit your budget and needs. 


What would you like to know?

Your Questions Answered

Why work with a HubSpot consulting partner?

HubSpot is a powerful tool, but we’ve found through our HubSpot consulting that most HubSpot subscribers aren’t using the software to its full capacity. By working with a HubSpot consulting partner, you can make the most of your investment. As a Platinum partner, we have a team that lives and breathes HubSpot. We understand the power of the software and can show you how to harness it so it’s doing all that you hoped it would when you signed up.

What are the benefits of using HubSpot vs. other marketing platforms?

There are a lot of marketing automation platforms on the market, and many of them are incredibly powerful. We chose to be a HubSpot consulting agency because we believe that it’s the best platform for the size of the company we fit best with. While it could easily be used by enterprises, HubSpot’s balance of power with flexibility and ease of use makes it perfect for those companies that find themselves in the middle market. Where these other tools require sometimes complicated integrations to provide a full suite of marketing services, HubSpot does all of it natively. And the topper is the support that’s provided, both from the company itself and from its community of users (Idea Grove is a host of the local Dallas HubSpot Users Group), which means you’re never far from an answer to a question.

What resources would I have to invest in? What am I getting for the investment?

This is a question better answered through a conversation because the right answer really depends on your goals and other technologies you are using now. If you are just starting to get your marketing organized, HubSpot offers a lot of free tools that can get you a long way. But at some point, you will likely need to look at a paid relationship, and the monthly cost is going to vary depending on several factors. Because we are a HubSpot consulting agency, we can not only help you manage your HubSpot platform but also help you in deciding what exactly that platform should look like.

Can you help me improve my lead generation?

That’s kind of a loaded question, but the answer is yes. However, Idea Grove is not an agency that has expertise in high-volume lead gen. We believe in digital marketing that is much more targeted toward purposeful growth. What does that mean? It’s a slower process, but one that we feel will result in a higher quality lead that is more likely to become your customer. So, we use very traditional tools like SEO and paid social media and digital advertising campaigns to get your content in front of your target customer. Then, once we have their attention, we use HubSpot to start feeding them more of that relevant content and nurturing them toward a relationship.

Is HubSpot right for my small marketing team? Large marketing team?

HubSpot is beneficial to any size marketing team. For smaller organizations, HubSpot’s tools and your relationship with a HubSpot consulting agency can make it very easy to scale your capabilities without having to increase head count. For larger agencies, the data provided through your HubSpot platform allows you to dig deeper into specific aspects of your digital marketing program and create more specialized roles within your team.

DOMINIC GARCIA, <strong>K2VIEW</strong>
“Idea Grove not only helped us understand why a platform like HubSpot makes sense for a business like ours, they have also helped us manage the platform so we are making the most of our investment.”

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