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Pivoting From Pioneer To Leader

A couple of years ago at Pivot3, we found ourselves in a fast-growing and highly valued industry segment, and one where we had the best and most powerful technology solution, but we were an unknown in the market. It was great to have the best solution but we needed to radically improve our visibility in order to grow. We retained the team at Idea Grove to help us with this challenge and they significantly upped our game, resulting in increased coverage by key media outlets, far higher profiles on-line and in social networks, and more of our people out and talking with external groups about our company.”

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The Challenge: Unknown Player in a Crowded Market

As an early pioneer in hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), Pivot3 developed a unique approach to data storage for surveillance video and was an established vendor in this niche industry. However, Pivot3 saw the market potential to expand to broader IT use cases and sought a PR partner with a wide range of tech media relationships who could introduce them as a serious HCI player to IT audiences.

At the time, Pivot3 was virtually unknown outside the surveillance industry. With vendors descending on the HCI market every day, the mandate to us was clear: to succeed, Pivot3 needed to quickly build awareness among key IT media and influencers.


The Solution: A Laser Focus on Media and Influencer Relationships

We developed a tailored strategy for media outreach and social media centered around engaging with key trade journalists and online influencers to drive broader awareness. Our team built a narrative around Pivot3’s history as a technology pioneer, using this to start conversations with media and introduce Pivot3 as a player on the move. 

We began executing rapid-response outreach based on industry news feeds, allowing Pivot3 to comment on what’s happening in the industry. Our team also accelerated the relationship development process with a focused strategy offering exclusive stories to priority publications to maximize quality coverage. To provide additional depth to coverage, we developed a customer promotional plan offering a unique perspective to the media from the user’s perspective.

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The Results: From Niche Player to Industry Leader

Since working with Pivot3, we have secured a high volume of coverage in top industry trade publications and has successfully shifted the market’s perception of Pivot3 as a niche surveillance product to a competitive solution for broader IT use cases.

This momentum culminated in Pivot3 earning its inaugural placement on the industry’s 2015 Gartner Magic Quadrant. In 2016, Pivot3 was identified as one of three industry leaders on the Forrester Wave report and progressed significantly on the 2016 Magic Quadrant.

Throughout 2016, we have successfully promoted Pivot3’s M&A activity, new funding, executive hires, and product developments to earn coverage with top IT/storage trade publications as well as key business publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, and Fortune.

Michele Fanning
They take the time to build individual strategies that match your specific goals. That’s how they helped us get national coverage in major outlets when we were an emerging vendor.
Michele Fanning

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