Alanna supports the mission of Idea Grove as content manager. Her creative background spans across industries, having worked as a producer in the music industry, a director of development within academia, and as a strategist for an artist-owned distribution company. Her educational background in philosophy finds expression in her love for the synthesis of pragmatism and beauty: “I’m constantly motivated to find the balance between function and form. How can I articulate this idea such that actual change occurs, and how can I make that articulation as invitational and appealing as possible so as to sustain that change?” Alanna’s dedication to honesty and excellence bears itself out in her interactions with clients, friends, and coworkers alike, and her natural curiosity brings new ideas to light collaboratively. 

IG 101
  • I walked The Camino Primativo, a 300-mile ancient route through the Spanish countryside, over the course of three weeks during the summer of 2015.
  • I love British humor.
  • I once extemporaneously sang for my train fare in a subway station upon realizing I’d lost my ticket (I sang Nat King Cole’s “Smile” - I got the fare!)

DFWHUG Co-Leader, HubSpot Specialist

Idea Grove’s HubSpot Specialist, Kady White, has been leading the DFW Chapter of HubSpot User Groups since 2019, bringing with her over 8 years of experience as a HubSpot user.

HubSpot’s mission is to help organizations grow better; DFWHUG’s mission is to provide HubSpot users with programming and content to help them do just that.

DFW HubSpot User Group (HUG)  
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Kady’s Awards and Certifications

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Hubspot Marketing Software
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Hubspot Inbound Marketing
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Hubspot Solutions Partner
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Hubspot Email Marketing
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Hubspot Service Hub

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