Meet the Team. We Call Ourselves "Grovers"


You won't find an agency team to match Idea Grove's. Grovers share a chemistry that is unshakable precisely because it has been hard-won. We're far from perfect as individuals, but we've learned to achieve great things as a team. We have the scars, and the results, to show for it. Those with experience in corporate life know how difficult it is to bridge the natural silos that develop within organizations. Sales and marketing. R&D and operations. Overcoming silos means having tough conversations and challenging strategy sessions.

It means taking care to hire team members who are hungry, humble and smart. At Idea Grove, we put in the work because we know it's worth it. Our achievements show our approach is successful. We boast unified engagements — incorporating PR, web design, content marketing, social media and more — across many of our accounts. This integration ensures brand consistency while greatly improving our efficiency for clients. That is how teamwork makes Idea Grove a better partner for our clients, and a better place to work.

I walked The Camino Primativo, a 300-mile ancient route through the Spanish countryside, over the course of three weeks during the summer of 2015.

Meet Alanna Boudreau ›

I love collecting things! My biggest collections include enamel pins, vinyl records and photocards.

Meet Breanne Ngo ›

I've performed on stage with Josh Groban.

Meet Brittany McLaughlin ›

I was an extra in Pitch Perfect 2!

Meet Christina Davies ›

I've jumped in a hole in a frozen lake in the Arctic Circle.

Meet Hannah Charles ›

I grew up on a horse ranch competing in show jumping and won the Swedish Championships.

Meet Jackie Marrington ›

I was a Little League all-star at third base and catcher.

Meet Jarrett Rush ›

I met Selena Gomez when I was 9. 

Meet Jordan Owens ›

In 2016, I traveled to Fiji and taught photography at an elementary school. We used film cameras and created a makeshift darkroom to develop our photos. It was a summer filled with adventure, learning, and the joy of seeing the world through a new lens.

Meet Kenzie Morgenlaender ›

My more eclectic hobbies are homemade cheese and winemaking.

Meet Les Worley ›

My hobby is taking up hobbies. I love mastering a new skill and then moving onto something new.

Meet Liz Cies ›

I’m an Enneagram Type 3 (The Achiever).

Meet Madison Herubin ›

I used to be a competitive ice skater and could do a double salchow.

Meet Megan Chesterton ›

My first work of nonfiction was a recipe for a liver loaf sandwich scrawled on an index card.

Meet Scott Baradell ›

I was born on my due date (only 4% of people can say this).

Meet Sydney Poteet ›

I did ballet for 13 years.

Meet Taylor Hering ›

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