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Social media can be your secret weapon, but many B2B and technology brands continue to underutilize it.

Many businesses shortchange themselves by treating social media as a checklist item rather than a powerful tool for driving market awareness and brand trust. Social media holds a wealth of untapped data—providing critical insights on industry conversations and trends, competitors, and a company’s brand health.

Need to understand things from your customer's perspective? Social is the perfect solution. Beyond insights, social holds the power of persuasion through influencers and review sites. Whatever your goals, we can help you to achieve them through the power of social media. 



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Our Approach to Social Media

  1. We learn your overall business goals then form a social media strategy to build, grow and protect your brand.

  2. Once we’ve established your strategy, we create an execution plan focused on the platforms that resonate with your audience.

  3. We analyze performance, recommend optimizations and fine-tune the process until your program is a well-oiled machine.


What would you like to know?

Your Questions Answered

Why do I need social media for my brand?

Social media is no longer a “nice to have” feature. An active social media presence is expected, and it can be a powerful tool when used correctly, allowing you to:

  • Build brand awareness and trust
  • Educate your audience on your capabilities
  • Nurture top-funnel prospects with information during the research phase
  • Amplify media wins, blog posts, white papers and other content
  • Connect with potential recruits and current employees
  • Use paid amplification to reach target audiences
  • Track industry trends, brand health and competitors via social listening
  • Expand your social presence via employee advocacy
  • Monitor and engage with your communities
  • Give your executives a voice to amplify your brand
  • Manage your brand reputation through review site presence
  • Develop relationships with influencers in your space

How does social help fill the marketing funnel?

Many of our clients are challenger brands, start-ups, or they're established but not well-known to the public. We use social media to build awareness and strengthen confidence in your prospects and current customers. After all, your social profiles are one of the first impressions you'll make, it needs to be a lasting one.

Our organic social program provides your current social audience with a variety of content that establishes your brand as an expert in your category. We combine pillars like thought leadership, owned content, company news, company culture, special events and campaigns, and media wins to keep your social profiles active, interesting and informative.

In conjunction with our organic social program, we also provide paid social services to help our clients connect with specific, highly targeted audiences. Paid social is the perfect tool to get in front of key stakeholders and can be used to increase brand awareness and followers, improve consideration, and prime the pump for conversions down the road.

What social media services does Idea Grove provide?

  • Strategy development
  • Audits
  • Organic content creation and management
  • Paid campaigns
  • Community management services, including groups
  • Listening and monitoring of brand health, competitors and industry trends
  • Executive platform development
  • Employee advocacy programs
  • Amplification of media wins
  • Influencer relations
  • Review site management

I can handle executing social media on my own, but I need training. Can Idea Grove help?

Absolutely! We can provide custom consulting and training to help support your marketing objectives.


What tools do you use?

  • Sprout Social (current partner)
  • Sprout Social Listening (current partner)
  • Cision Analytics
  • Sparktoro

How should I use organic social media for my brand?

Here are just a few ways B2B tech companies use social media to accelerate their marketing objectives.

  • Sharing company news and announcements
  • Connect with prospects to build trust and fill the top of your funnel
  • Amplifying media wins
  • Share thought leadership to establish yourself as an industry leader
  • Provide helpful tips and learnings
  • Feature company culture by sharing employee highlights and internal news
  • Join trending conversations tied to your industry
  • Participate in crucial discussions related to your brand

How does paid social support my marketing goals?

If you’re struggling to get in front of highly niche audiences, paid social is a great way to connect. Here’s how it helps:

  • Fill the top of your funnel so you can create awareness and plant the seeds for consideration
  • Build trust by providing helpful content that people will value and share
  • Reach specific audiences that organic social can’t target
  • Accelerate follower growth and brand awareness efforts

Why do I need social listening?

Social listening allows you to collect real-time and historical data through various social platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc. It’s an excellent resource to identify conversations happening around your brand, your competitors and conversations within your industry. We work with our clients to determine what they want to listen for, build queries, analyze the data, and give you actionable insights that can inform future campaigns and marketing efforts. The information we pull can provide a wide variety of insights:

  • Complaints about products and services
  • Feedback on competitor offerings
  • Keeping tabs on competitor activities
  • Latest industry news
  • Locating influencers for initiatives
  • Identifying new media sources for pitches
  • Understanding your top advocates and detractors
  • Sampling real conversations around your brand and competitors
  • Monitoring for spikes in conversation which could indicate trends or issues
  • Tracking brand health; including sentiment and share of voice
  • Thought leadership sourcing
  • Research for brand personas

What social platforms do you support?

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest

How can influencers help my brand?

Working with B2B influencers allows you to tap into the entire audience who follows and trusts that individual. An influencer becomes an ambassador and storyteller of your brand to build trust in a way that you can’t do yourself. In B2B brands, it is important to find out where your audience is and who they know and trust in your industry. Once you find the most known individuals in your space, the door is open to partnering with those people to be brand ambassadors and tell their audience why they need to work with you.

How can review sites help build awareness?

If someone is searching for a service or solution, review sites are often one of the first results they will see, and it’s often one of the first results clicked. Having a strong presence on the leading review site gives multiple opportunities for prospects to find your company while they are already searching for business. If your review site profile stands out, gives a tangible representation of your work and who you are, and has a high number of reviews, then prospects will know your brand well without ever leaving the site.

Having a credible and robust presence on various review sites helps potential prospects learn more about your company through trusted third-party sources and customer testimony. It’s one thing to tell a prospect that your services are excellent, but they are more apt to buy in and take the next step towards conversion when they hear it from a trustworthy source.

What’s an executive social media program?

We know executives have hectic schedules, but people are looking for their social presence and commentary. We provide execs with a complete social program, including social content creation, publishing, ghostwriting services for thought leadership and social listening insights to help them stay on top of what’s happening within their industry and keep tabs on their competition.

KIRK BRAUN, <strong>SE2</strong>

"Idea Grove helped give our social program a competitive edge that drives third-party validation and brand awareness. They created a plan that allows us to differentiate our brand and solutions to showcase our unique culture and values, all while growing our brand awareness and search presence."


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