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Paranet: Attracting More Qualified Leads

“Idea Grove knows how to turn content into leads for B2B technology companies. They developed a comprehensive nurturing path for our inbound marketing program, featuring creative, interactive content; effective emails, calls-to-action and landing pages; and ongoing analysis and optimization based on user experience data. It’s helped us to maximize not only our investment in HubSpot, but in our marketing efforts generally.”


The Challenge: Attracting Leads By Building Solution and Brand Awareness

For over 25 years, Paranet Solutions has helped companies of all sizes with their information technology needs. That includes providing expert IT Due Diligence (ITDD) to companies planning mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and private equity carve-outs. Paranet specializes in exposing and mitigating the technology risks lurking inside even the smallest acquisition. Unfortunately, most buyers focus only on the target company’s financials, without realizing their “hi-tech” exposure.

To increase ITDD project revenues, Paranet needed to increase its volume of inbound leads for these services. Not only that, it needed to engage those leads throughout a six-month sales cycle, to turn them into customers. To do that, Paranet hired us to heighten its solution and brand awareness among its target audience: M&A and private equity buyers.


The Solution: Educate With Thought Leadership, Then Nurture the Leads

Paranet devised a nurturing campaign around information thought leadership content. These assets were designed to educate the target audience about the importance of ITDD:

  • An interactive, online quiz to test the reader’s knowledge of the target’s technology infrastructure
  • A customized risk assessment, based on the quiz and highlighting the relative risk of the transaction
  • An “Ounce of Prevention” eBook about the benefits of ITDD
  • A case study of a high profile customer
  • Three-part blog post series on ITDD
To deliver this content and get readers to take action, we created a series of 19 nurturing emails. The emails invited and reminded readers to take the quiz and to download the report and other content. The team also designed 13 landing and thank-you pages for the assets and click-through responses. Then the team aggressively promoted the content via social media, strategically-placed banner ads and calls-to-action.

Finally, we used our expertise in HubSpot to automate the content delivery and nurture follow-up emails throughout the campaign.

The Results: An Educated Lead = A More Qualified Lead

Our expertise in HubSpot and PPC tools made assessing the campaign’s effectiveness simple and direct. Leveraging these tools, we were able to track clicks and conversions resulting from each asset, ad and post. The results were exactly what Paranet was hoping for.

During the campaign’s initial two-month launch, Paranet saw a 200 percent increase in lead conversions over the prior period. Even more important, over 36 percent became sales qualified leads (SQLs) during the same period—an amazing SQL rate for such a short period. Each of the qualified leads said they had one or more upcoming M&A transactions in the works. The result? They’ll think of the ITDD experts at Paranet when it’s time to begin due diligence.

Meanwhile, Paranet is confident its ITDD business will continue growing. Because it knows our efforts will continue to attract and nurture more and better-qualified leads.

“Despite our tight timeline, they had the capacity to go as fast as we wanted without sacrificing quality. You’ve done an incredible job of telling our story and laying our products and solutions out in a unified, coherent way. It’s been phenomenal.”

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