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Building Awareness Through Gamification

"After engaging Idea Grove to audit our fragmented social media presence almost a year ago, we've experienced success and increased engagement across all social platforms. After just one month of managing our social platforms, our Twitter profile presence improved dramatically with a 200% increase in page engagement. This data reflects Idea Grove's successful efforts in streamlining our content and bringing our brand presence under one unified umbrella.” BELINDA RUEFFER,

The Challenge: Bring Awareness to Industry-Wide Challenges & Solutions

Omnitracs, a leader in the transportation and logistics industry, offers SaaS-based solutions for private and for-hire fleet customers.

Even though tit cornered the market, Omnitracs had a big opportunity to make both drivers and fleet operators aware of the many products and solutions available that increase productivity, save labor costs and reduce fuel costs. To do this, Omnitracs tasked us with creating a disruptive brand-awareness campaign to increase general brand awareness about the role technology can play in the trucking industry, and that could excite everyone in the industry from their core prospects to those driving the trucks.

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The Solution: Take A Big Idea, And Make it Bigger

To start brainstorming ideas for Omnitracs, we asked ourselves, “What would happen if there were no more truck drivers and no technology to guide their journey?” The answer turned out to be simple: the world could not survive without the trucking industry. If the trucking industry stopped in its tracks we’d immediately be without the food and health resources we take for granted every day. It was this notion that led to Zombie Dispatch.

We created a web-based video game to bridge the generation gap and shed light on the critical role of truck drivers in the economy. Called Zombie Dispatch, the game takes place in the immediate aftermath of a zombie outbreak, with the player navigating a tractor-trailer across the county to deliver a cure and prevent further spread of the plague. Along the way, the player learns how Omnitracs provides today’s drivers and fleet managers with the technologies that help them improve efficiencies, minimize downtime and, most importantly, increase driver safety and job satisfaction. In addition, the game was designed to play within a web browser, and appeal to an older demographic closer to Omnitracs' target customer. The side-scrolling style and light-hearted look of the game appeals to Baby Boomer and Gen-X gamers who played through the early evolution of the gaming industry.


The Result: Multi-Channel Approach to Success

We took a multi-channel approach to activate the game with a full PR effort, paid social media, influencer outreach and real-time analytics informing a test/control environment along the way.

Zombie Dispatch saw over 13,000 total sessions and had a conversion rate of 5.5%. The game was picked up by 19 business and industry-specific news sources. The vast majority were feature articles directly targeting Omnitracs' audience.

Using targeted social media ads on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn we drove effective traffic at an average CPC of $.72 and over one million impressions from social media posts and ads. In addition, the game received almost as much playtime from the 55-64-year-old age bracket, as millennials. We set out to create an interactive campaign that would engage an older audience, and we did it!

“Despite our tight timeline, they had the capacity to go as fast as we wanted without sacrificing quality. You’ve done an incredible job of telling our story and laying our products and solutions out in a unified, coherent way. It’s been phenomenal.”

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