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Recharging a Brand's Online Presence

"Working with Idea Grove on KwikBoost’s website redesign has been a real pleasure."

From our first meeting during the sales cycle, to the project plan and design, and on to the ‘go-live’ of the new website—everything has been such a smooth process. In my experience, that’s so rare for new website launches. Idea Grove brought its expertise, processes and best practice guidance to make it all flow seamlessly. They made it look easy, but I know it took a lot of work behind the scenes. We look forward to continuing our partnership. LIZ THRAILKILL,
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The Challenge: Recharging A Brand's Online Presence

No matter where they go, for today’s mobile device users, nothing is more important than staying connected. And since 2010, KwikBoost’s innovative, customized mobile charging solutions have helped ensure 50 million devices were able to do just that. Despite this success, by 2017 the company had become frustrated with the performance of its primary marketing tool—its website.

Over time, the website’s messaging had become diluted, and it wasn’t optimized to convert visitors into customers, resulting in 2017 bounce rates above 62%. Its color scheme and look-and-feel had become dated and all-too-similar to competitors. And the site was attracting considerable organic search traffic for keywords unrelated to its core business—visitors but not necessarily leads.

KwikBoost turned to us for a bold, sleek, and intuitive website design to attract the right prospects and guide them along their buyer’s journey.


The Solution: A Bold New Design to Keep Visitors Engaged

When KwikBoost engaged us, its website had specific performance and engagement issues that needed to be addressed. We recommended its Growth-Driven Design (GDD) methodology. This highly collaborative, fast-paced process creates an environment that encourages continuous improvement by analyzing how visitors actually engage with the site. Using GDD, we quickly designed, developed and launched a core website, then began iteratively finetuning its performance.

Our team analyzed traffic and set goals to increase potential customers organically while keeping website visitors engaged for longer periods and across more pages. The plan included not only a bold new website design but also an update for the company’s core customer message.


For the website design, we suggested a bold departure from the pack. The new website sports an updated logo, striking color gradients, a clean consistent look and feel, and simple, streamlined navigation. It also uses video backgrounds to demonstrate the company’s products in real life, visually reinforcing the company’s tagline of “helping people stay connected.”

Our content team then re-energized the company’s messaging to clearly and consistently express the company’s vision and the value of its offerings. Expanding on the original tagline, a new three-pillared message pervades the new website’s copy: “Powering devices. Powering people. Powering experiences.”


The Results: A Sleek Powerful Website That Engages and Converts

Close collaboration between our team and KwikBoost made it possible to launch a completely rebranded website in just 15 weeks. But a brand-new site can only be effective if prospective clients can find it. We optimized the new website for search, resulting in 11,000 more organic sessions in 2018.

Besides the jump in website traffic, the new user experience improved engagement metrics across the board. The bounce rate dropped by 30 percent, and both pages per session and page views jumped over 40 percent compared to the previous period.

But perhaps most importantly, the new website had a direct positive impact on KwikBoost’s bottom line. In the first year since launch, the company’s revenue from inbound website leads grew by 37 percent and eCommerce sales jumped 237 percent.

“Despite our tight timeline, they had the capacity to go as fast as we wanted without sacrificing quality. You’ve done an incredible job of telling our story and laying our products and solutions out in a unified, coherent way. It’s been phenomenal.”

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