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Prescribing A New Identity

The Challenge: Breaking Through Against 800-Pound Gorillas

The medical industry is built on paper. The file cabinets at the back of most doctors’ offices are proof of that. So when the government-mandated a switch to electronic health records, all of that paper had to become digital. In those digital records, the leaders at InDxLogic saw an opportunity. Automating the process of indexing medical documents to the right patient file would save doctors the time needed to correct errors that come with manual indexing and the money needed to employ extra indexers to handle the growing workloads.

While the company had success selling its solution at trade shows, it had trouble gaining traction online despite a somewhat recent redesign of its website. The site just didn’t stand out against those of its much larger competitors. InDxLogic turned to us to prescribe a solution that would set its brand apart and attract qualified web traffic.


The Solution: Buyer Research Leads to Pinpoint Messaging And Purposeful Design

After in-depth research of InDxLogic’s industry and competitors, we interviewed actual buyers to pinpoint why prospects chose InDxLogic over the bigger players. The research revealed an important distinction that the company had long taken for granted: it was founded by doctors. None of their competitors could say that. And none could brag about the personalized service that buyers told us was so important. Stories of the personal relationships InDxLogic’s team formed with its clients would ultimately define and differentiate the company’s new messaging.

The reason many of InDxLogic’s competitors lacked personal stories is because they were some of the biggest names in business process outsourcing, and, visually, they looked like it. If InDxLogic was going to compete in the same market, it needed a complete visual rebrand that would allow the company to go toe to toe with anyone—while at the same time showcasing its unique personal touch. The new look includes a modified logo, a modern typeface and a streamlined color palette that is flexible enough to work both on the web and in print and display collateral.

InDxLogic’s new site needed more than dynamic visuals and a differentiated message. It needed to help the company generate leads when its team was away from the trade show floor. Referring back to our conversations with their buyers, we knew that by highlighting great customer case studies prominently throughout the site we could do that. Not only did these stories prove that working with InDxLogic was a great experience, it showed that the company could deliver on its promises. And by putting those case studies behind a form, InDxLogic was able to collect the leads that it wanted.


The Result: More Than A New Website, A New Identity

InDxLogic came to us looking for a new website. What it left with was a brand new identity. That’s what research-driven messaging and visual branding can do for a company, no matter its size.

This new branding is already helping the company as it expands to integrate with more EHR systems and additional physicians. Before the new site was even launched or the visual branding finalized, InDxLogic was already using its new look in trade show presentations and collateral to win new customers.

And when it isn't at tradeshows, its new site allows them to stand side by side with their larger competitors and deliver a message that’s not only unique to it but is uniquely effective with the physicians it is trying to reach.

“Despite our tight timeline, they had the capacity to go as fast as we wanted without sacrificing quality. You’ve done an incredible job of telling our story and laying our products and solutions out in a unified, coherent way. It’s been phenomenal.”

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