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Creating A New Brand That Shines

Capitalizing On What Makes BNC Unique

BNC has always been a different kind of IT Managed Service Provider. Offering flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing, BNC’s technology consultants visit its clients in person, when they need them most. Such personal service and transparent pricing is rare in the IT service industry. Yet because BNC’s outdated, impersonal website didn’t reflect these qualities, virtually no one was aware of the company’s uniqueness.

BNC also faced the challenge of refreshing the overall business strategy for the site. With locations in both Dallas and Denver, BNC needed to ensure it was correctly marketing to buyers in their respective locations. Plus, customer feedback indicated the website copy was too technical for non-IT professionals.

That’s when BNC engaged us to develop a new website—one that truly represents its unique position in the market.


The Solution: A New Brand for the Buyer You Know

Through careful buyer research, we found that BNC’s relationship-based business model is what keeps customers coming back again and again. With long experience in successful brand and site transformations, we knew the best strategy to inform and persuade BNC’s prospective clients. We would highlight BNC’s personalized approach, emphasize its other top differentiators and simplify the site’s messaging.

We performed customer interviews to uncover the top challenges BNC’s customers face when dealing with IT issues. Armed with that knowledge, we set BNC apart by clearly explaining the services BNC offers—in terms prospects can actually understand. This served three purposes: to educate potential buyers, to demonstrate industry expertise, and to optimize the site’s copy for SEO search.

Finally, we created all-new customer success stories and enhanced the personal biographies and photos of the BNC team. Both helped buyers feel more connected to the team, by emphasizing the personal side of BNC and its customers.


The Results: A New Brand Captures Buyers' Attention

The result was a site with warm, inviting imagery, accessible answers to common IT questions, and customized-yet-simple icons to aid in the user experience. In addition, BNC’s site now sported plenty of case studies to highlight not only BNC’s nearly twenty years of IT experience, but the depth of its customers’ satisfaction.

By clearly defining BNC’s corporate personality, the new site is capturing the attention of many new clients. In record time, the updated BNC brand has increased the company’s online engagement dramatically. 

“Despite our tight timeline, they had the capacity to go as fast as we wanted without sacrificing quality. You’ve done an incredible job of telling our story and laying our products and solutions out in a unified, coherent way. It’s been phenomenal.”

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