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The native tribes of Alaska knew that whales were precious. Once their members caught a whale, they worked together to use every part of it. Blubber became lamp oil, rib bones became house rafters, jawbones became sled runners. Nothing was wasted. At Idea Grove, our team embraces a similar mindset. When we come up with a whale of a story idea, we work to extract value from it across every B2B marketing channel – public relations, social media, search marketing, email nurturing, and paid media.

That synergy makes us a true team. It also ensures the sum of what we do is even greater than the parts.

Scott Baradell - President and Founder
Scott Baradell - President and Founder

Scott, founder of Idea Grove, oversees one of the fastest-growing and most forward-looking public relations and inbound marketing agencies in the southwestern United States. Idea Grove focuses on helping technology companies reach media and buyers; and its clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 200 companies.

Scott launched Idea Grove in 2005 along with his groundbreaking blog, Media Orchard. He has been a consistent innovator in the public relations and marketing space. Scott was among the first to understand the role of blogging in audience building. He was quick to recognize the vital importance of content quality and the power of social sharing.

IG 101

I once was in a tour bus attacked by Japanese Snow Monkeys.

My favorite sport is basketball.

The first recipe I learned to make was for a liverwurst sandwich.


John, President/COO of Idea Grove, oversees one of the fastest-growing and most forward-looking public relations and inbound marketing agencies in the southwestern United States. Idea Grove focuses on helping technology companies reach media and buyers; and its clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 200 companies.

John brings extensive senior leadership experience and a proven track record in driving agency growth. He most recently served as COO for Imaginuity Interactive, a prominent digital media agency, where he implemented various process improvement systems and helped support 94.5 percent revenue growth over a three-year period.

IG 101

I love the ocean. I’m an accomplished Caribbean sailor and an avid SCUBA diver.

I know how to juggle. And not just multiple initiatives, but oranges and bean bags too.

I lived in the Dominican Republic for a year, where my high school Spanish was put to the test!

Etta Goss Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Etta Goss Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Etta is Idea Grove’s senior vice president of finance, which includes oversight and management of the agency’s finance, accounting, human resources and IT support.

In this role, Etta provides critical financial and operational management in the areas of financial planning, annual budgeting, revenue forecasting, cash flow management, reporting and analysis. She is also responsible for managing a breadth of staff and operational functions that requires strategic and tactical oversight and execution.

Etta brings more than 20 years of finance and accounting experience to Idea Grove. Most recently, she spent 17 years working for Omnicom Group.  In this role, Etta was a key member of Rapp’s finance team.  Her focus at Rapp was on maintaining a successful, profitable business for the Dallas operations, leveraging industry best practices.

Before Rapp, Etta was with global PR agency Ketchum where she increased revenue and profitability, and put necessary processes in place across the agency’s Dallas office.

IG 101

I was an early entrepreneur: I designed my own clothes for the first time at age 14.
I know how to ride a motorcycle.
Once, I cliff dived on a dare.
Katie Long Vice President of Public Relations
Katie Long Vice President of Public Relations

Katie, vice president, is responsible for managing account services and public relations for Idea Grove clients in a diverse set of spaces, including transportation and logistics, document process automation, donor engagement, career transition services, business process outsourcing and executive search.

Previously, Katie designed and executed national publicity and promotional campaigns at a global entertainment company and helmed the public relations department at a full-service advertising and marketing agency.

Katie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Human & Organizational Development and Communication Studies from Vanderbilt University.

IG 101

I’ve always considered Dallas home but I’ve also lived in New York City, Nashville, Phoenix and Australia.
I can be bribed with wine and chocolate.
I was once on a pottery tv show where I demonstrated how to make a cabbage.
Liz Cies - Vice President of Public Relations
Liz Cies - Vice President of Public Relations

Liz is vice president at Idea Grove, where she works to build public relations programs that create awareness among customers, media, analysts and industry influencers. 

With more than a decade of experience in B2B public relations and social media, Liz works with companies in the data center, cloud, security and marketing technology industries to create consistent messaging and awareness across a wide range of print and online platforms.

Before joining Idea Grove, Liz led the public relations program at AWeber, an email marketing software provider. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Texas A&M University.

IG 101

Don’t let that last name throw you off! It rhymes with “Rice”, “Nice” or “Precise”. It should have been Seuss (as in Dr. Seuss) had immigration official not misspelled it many generations back.

I’ve played the piano since I was five, and love to learn new instruments. Currently I’m trying to conquer the mandolin.

The strangest job I ever had was in college, where I was paid to sit outside the classrooms of athletes on academic probation and make sure they arrived to class.

Jarrett Rush - Director of Content Marketing
Jarrett Rush - Director of Content Marketing
Jarrett is responsible for the creation and implementation of client content strategy, ensuring not only is the right message being communicated but that it's being communicated in the right places using the right methods. Jarrett is also responsible for management of in-house and contract writers and crafts white papers, ebooks, byline articles, blog posts, and other collateral and thought-leadership content for Idea Grove's B2B technology clients. Previously he served as managing editor of D Custom, the custom publishing arm of D Magazine, and as an editor at The Dallas Morning News.

IG 101

I made my stage debut in third grade playing a candy bar in a play on dental hygiene. I can still recite my lines.
Didn’t opt for an email address in college because “who would want to communicate that way?”
I was a Little League all-star at third base and catcher.
Brittany McLaughlin Account Director
Brittany McLaughlin Account Director

Brittany is an integrated marketing professional with a background in public relations and a passion for communicating complex stories to unique audiences. Working primarily in an  agency setting, she has experience serving clients from a range of industries, including unified communication, enterprise information management, retail technology, healthcare, and commercial and residential real estate. 

Brittany leads several accounts at Idea Grove, helping them achieve their business and marketing goals through a strategic approach to media relations and inbound marketing. 

Prior to joining Idea Grove, Brittany served as an account lead at TruePoint Communications, where she worked with several nonprofit, healthcare and real estate companies. Brittany earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Relations from The University of Texas at Austin, as well as a certificate in Business Foundations from the Red McCombs School of Business.

IG 101

I once walked 60 miles in three days to raise support and awareness for breast cancer.

When I was four years old, my family found an alligator in our pool.

I’ve performed on stage with Josh Groban.


As an account director, Traci is charged with putting Idea Grove’s talent and tools to work for our clients.

She believes that smart strategies and creative storytelling are essential to every successful marketing program. To help businesses meet their goals, Traci draws on her diverse experience in a range of marketing disciplines, including social media, public relations, analyst relations, digital marketing, integrated campaigns and demand gen. She is happiest when brainstorming and planning with an energetic team.

Before finding her place on the Idea Grove team, Traci enjoyed working with tech brands large and small at Golin, MWW, TruePoint Communication and FH. She studied at the University of Texas at Austin College of Communication, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a Business Foundations certificate from the Red McCombs School of Business.

IG 101

I’m a yoga geek. You can find me practicing ashtanga at studios in Dallas and New Orleans, and teaching private classes on nights and weekends. Namaste!
A severe case of wanderlust took me to Seoul for a full year, where I taught English, perfected my karaoke skills and learned to love kimchi.
My first car was a magical lavender ‘94 Cadillac Sedan Deville, which my dad sold to a stranger for $200 when I left home. I might still be mad about it.
Megan Chesterton Creative Director
Megan Chesterton Creative Director

Megan, creative director, is responsible for creating visuals for client projects. 

She works to create infographics, eBooks, website graphics, print collateral and more. Megan’s Idea Grove clients are involved in industries that include finance technology, digital solutions, IT management and mobile retailing.

Before joining Idea Grove, Megan worked as an in-house graphic designer for more than two years. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

IG 101

When I was a kid, my dream job was to be an Ice Capades performer.

My hair has been every color of the rainbow.

Every morning I drive to work to ridiculously loud electronic dance music, to wake up.


Britt is the social media director and serves as the social media champion and subject matter expert, collaborating closely with account teams to achieve the best results for clients.

She’s passionate about helping companies grow their online brand presence by crafting memorable, digital campaigns for their target audience.

Prior to joining Idea Grove, Britt led digital strategies for several companies in the healthcare industry, most recently for RQI Partners, an American Heart Association company.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in public relations from The University of Alabama.

IG 101

Alabama football or bust. Roll Tide!

I’m a vinyl collector and even have custom built shelves that house the beauties—I have an album for all the moods. Yes, it’s a vibe.

I’m obsessed with anything written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.


Kady is a digital native marketer that has spent the past several years in the B2B technology space. She brings over 7 years of HubSpot experience and is passionate about empowering marketing professionals with tools and strategy that help them exceed their goals. With expertise in B2B and technology spaces, her goal in 2019 is to finish earning all 20 HubSpot Academy certificates. She has a BBA in Marketing from the University of North Texas and an MA in Communications from the University of Texas at Arlington.

In 2019, Kady became a co-leader of the DFW HubSpot User Group (HUG). At Idea Grove, Kady manages digital accounts to deliver services in inbound marketing, social media, web development, and SEO.

IG 101

Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist and even went to Aquatic Studies summer camp.
My first concert was *NSYNC at Texas Stadium in 1999.
Carrie Fisher once put me in a (playful) headlock.
Les Worley Senior Content Manager
Les Worley Senior Content Manager
Les, senior content manager, crafts a wide variety of compelling content for Idea Grove’s technology clients. He regularly writes case studies, eBooks, white papers and byline articles, not to mention website copy, landing pages and email campaigns to promote those assets. Les also develops our clients’ core messaging and content marketing strategies.

Les has a knack for translating complexity into language any audience can understand, from techies all the way to the C-suite. Nearly 30 years in technology give Les a unique voice that speaks to both the seller’s and buyer’s points-of-view.

Before turning his full attention to copywriting, Les was director of IT operations and development for NTT America, and before that, a hardcore software developer. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Texas A&M University.

IG 101

Only really close friends believe my favorite hobby is cheesemaking.
After being back in the United States for almost 10 years, I’m living in Mexico again.
One day after major shoulder surgery, I was back at my keyboard. (I’m a writer, what can I say?)

Madison, account executive, contributes to Idea Grove’s day-to-day account services, project management, developing digital strategy, client communications, research and more. While Madison is new to the account team, she is eager to sharpen her knowledge in technology to better serve her clients. Before joining Idea Grove Madison worked in digital marketing with non-profit organizations.

Madison graduated from Oral Roberts University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media and concentration in Convergence Journalism.

IG 101

I bungee jumped in New Zealand from one of the highest swings in the world with my best friends. Even though I was freaked, it turned me into a major thrill junkie.

I’m an avid musical fan and know every word to the Wicked soundtrack, but my go-to karaoke song is “Hey Jude.”

My first concert was Britney Spears. Flashback to my 2001 outfit, complete with butterfly clips and crimped hair.
Lauren Redman Assistant Account Executive
Lauren Redman Assistant Account Executive

Lauren, assistant account executive, contributes to Idea Grove’s public relations team by conducting research, developing media relationships and managing client needs. During her time at Idea Grove she has worked with clients across a variety of industries, including trucking and transportation, business process automation and utilities. Before joining Idea Grove, she worked in the hydraulics and health care industries.

Lauren holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Integrative Studies with focuses in Journalism, Political Science and International Relations from the University of North Texas.

IG 101

My favorite band to see live is the Alabama Shakes.
I've been studying Japanese since 2015.
I enjoy building gaming computer for me and my friends.
Andrew Brooks Graphic Designer
Andrew Brooks Graphic Designer

Andrew (we call him Drew) serves Idea Grove as a graphic designer. He works to create graphics and visual designs to help clients communicate their ideas and messages effectively. He collaborates with his Art Director on managing and distributing various projects to create infographics, website graphics, wireframes, user interface designs, print collateral and more.

Prior to joining the Idea Grove team, he worked as a solo in-house designer for a non-profit, legal professionals membership-based organization for almost five years. He graduated from Texas Tech University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design and then went on to complete a Web Design certification through Southern Methodist University.

IG 101

I love peanut butter.
My favorite animal is the great white shark.
My side hustle is runway modeling.
Julia, previously intern turned account coordinator, is the newest member of Idea Grove’s public relations team. She contributes by conducting research, developing media relationships and managing client needs. While she has previous knowledge in trucking and transportation and business process automation, she is excited to dive in and learn more about the global workforce management and utilities industries moving forward.

Julia graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business Enterprise Studies. During her time at OU she held a marketing position in Dallas and completed a public relations internship with Idea Grove prior to graduation.

IG 101

My favorite decade is the 70s. I wish I could’ve grown up during that time.
I could eat Mexican food for every meal of every day. (I am a regular at Mi Cocina)
I think college football game day is better than Christmas morning. (Boomer Sooner)

As a senior content producer, Kristal produces engaging videos and motion for Idea Grove clients. She works with account managers and clients to develop video content strategies that convert in every part of the funnel and for every digital channel.

Before joining Idea Grove, Kristal worked in local broadcast television as an art director and promotions manager. Her years of working in broadcasting taught her how to continually adapt to change and quickly solve problems.

Kristal graduated from the University of North Texas with major in Radio, Television and Film.

IG 101

I perform improv at Stomping Ground Comedy in Dallas, Texas
When I was in fifth grade, I was the regional spelling bee champion. The highlight was being able to eat at Hardees on a school day.
My first car was the same as Farrah Fawcett’s in Charlie’s Angels (A Mustang Cobra II), complete with 8-track player. Too bad it was a decade later.
Sarah contributes to Idea Grove by practicing her proven media relations skills, exercising her ability to dig deep and staying on top of client needs. She is an expert in critical thinking, which is a skill she applies to any project she tackles. Her industry experience includes higher education, fintech and intelligent automation.

She earned her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications from Ole Miss, with a minor in business and specialization in public relations. Sarah began her career at Idea Grove as a public relations and social media intern and now serves the public relations team as an assistant account executive.


IG 101

If you need podcast recommendations, I’m your girl.
I would be rich if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I played basketball (I’m 5’10”).
I know every word to Bohemian Rhapsody.
Mary Brynn is a former intern turned account coordinator at Idea Grove. She supports the agency with writing in the form of blog posts, social media, and press releases across an array of verticals including utilities, higher education, cybersecurity and more. Additionally, Mary Brynn is adept at seeing around corners and anticipating internal and client needs. She is passionate about telling stories and developing strategy that will drive success for client initiatives.

Mary Brynn graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Public Relations and a minor in Business Administration, as well as a certificate in Business Foundations from the McCombs School of Business. During her time at UT, Mary Brynn was a member of PRSSA, Texas Ad Group as well as various other industry organizations aimed at preparing young professionals for their role in their larger media landscape.

When she’s not in the office, Mary Brynn can be found running, working on a calligraphy project or chasing after her energetic Pembroke Welsh corgi.

IG 101

I’m fluent in Spanish and have been speaking it for over ten years.
I once met actress Diane Keaton outside a gelato shop in downtown Dallas.
I practice calligraphy and brush lettering in my free time.