72 Free Trust Badges to Seal the Deal with Your Customers

From a PR and Marketing Agency That Specializes in Trust


What is a trust badge?

Trust Badge
[ truhst baj ] Noun

1. An emblem that instills trust in prospective customers.

Trust badges—touting a website's security, guarantees, return policies and more—are an essential element of the checkout process for e-commerce sites.

When your e-commerce website doesn’t display trustmarks or trust seals, it will often lead potential buyers to abandon your site—and in many cases, never come back.

Use these free, downloadable trust badges to establish trust, decrease abandoned carts and increase conversions.

Trust Badge Solutions

Badges send a direct message to customers that alleviates common worries with e-commerce.
View these options your customers want to see:


Shipping Trust Badges
"Will it ship as easily as Amazon Prime?"


Guarantee Trust Badges
"Do they stand behind the product/service?"


Payment Trust Badges
"I'm not about to be scammed, right?"


What's Included: ZIP file with 6 types of trust badges in 3 designs and 4 color variations—a total of 72 badges

Download the free trust badges