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Published: Nov 13, 2018

It’s almost the default answer to the question of where to build your next business website: WordPress. Not so fast, says Idea Grove’s vice president of digital, Nate Binford. Before you commit to WordPress, there are four reasons Nate says you should consider a different platform for your site.

  1. Security is questionable. Everyone is trying to hack WordPress, and if all of the plugins and themes used on your site aren’t updated then you’re vulnerable.
  2. Load speeds are slow. WordPress sites typically load slower, and that can affect your site’s search ranking.
  3. It’s difficult to update on your own. Don’t believe everything you hear about WordPress sites being easy to manage.
  4. It lacks native integrations. Businesses have other systems that they need to interact with their website, and WordPress doesn’t natively integrate with any of them.

To learn more about each of these and where Idea Grove recommends you build your site, watch the video below. 





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Jarrett Rush
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