Driving Downloads with Black Friday

AwarenessOur multimedia public relations program for a leading mobile shopping application, ShopSavvy, leveraged product announcements, media advisories, and broadcast-quality video and audio leading up to and through retailing’s all-important Black Friday weekend. We also developed and launched a news website that positioned company executives and others as innovators in the mobile retail space. ShopSavvy was featured in hundreds of television, radio, and online news reports. The app was downloaded more than 200,000 times and the company saw record numbers of product searches by users.LEARN MORE


Establishing a Leader in an Emerging Field

EngagementCA Technologies created as a content marketing platform and brought in Idea Grove to widen its base of contributors, improve readability, and boost search results. We repositioned as a product-agnostic portal and introduced content from third-party experts. The writing was made more readable and accessible to corporate decision-makers. Hundreds of posts from independent experts combined with an aggressive social media campaign helped the community exceed its membership goal by a third and become a No. 2 search result.LEARN MORE


Helping to Maximize a Revenue Opportunity

ConversionIdea Grove worked to build thought leadership and drive sales leads for BearCom Wireless as it worked to take full advantage of a sales opportunity created by a change in federal regulations. The yearlong effort included a bylined article, instructional video, and a stream of news releases, blog posts, and advisory letters to customers. BearCom saw increases in web traffic, sales leads, downloads, and other key metrics on the way to one of its most successful years in company history.LEARN MORE