Stephanie is a project manager passionate about all things websites and branding. She is dedicated to ensuring that every undertaking runs smoothly and efficiently, aiming to bring a sense of calm to complex projects. When it comes to project management, adaptability is critical.
With a talent for developing plans based on best practices, client needs, and team member availability, Stephanie can streamline processes to create the most efficient and profitable strategy for all involved. 
Originally from San Jose, California, Stephanie moved to Waco, Texas, to attend Baylor University. She graduated in 2019 with a BA in Corporate Communications and a minor in public relations.
Her previous experience includes PR and Marketing work at a non-profit and B2B companies. 
IG 101
  • I started drinking coffee in 4th grade because I thought (hoped, really) that it would stunt my growth. I was a competitive gymnast at the time, and you do not need to be tall in that sport.
  • I LOVE classic Disney movies. My family owns all the classics on VHS, and re-watching them is one of my favorite childhood memories. My sisters and I can still have entire conversations just quoting different Disney lines at each other.  
  • My last name is Jatnieks, pronounced Yacht-nieks, and it originates from Latvia. 

DFWHUG Co-Leader, HubSpot Specialist

Idea Grove’s HubSpot Specialist, Kady White, has been leading the DFW Chapter of HubSpot User Groups since 2019, bringing with her over 8 years of experience as a HubSpot user.

HubSpot’s mission is to help organizations grow better; DFWHUG’s mission is to provide HubSpot users with programming and content to help them do just that.

DFW HubSpot User Group (HUG)  
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Kady’s Awards and Certifications

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Hubspot Marketing Software
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Hubspot Inbound Marketing
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Hubspot Solutions Partner
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Hubspot Email Marketing
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Hubspot Service Hub

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