Harry is a true “full stack web developer” — one who can tackle the coding for a website’s frontend, backend, and everything in between. At Idea Grove, Harry uses these and other skills like SEO research and analytics to help us deliver digital marketing solutions that do more than look and perform great. They also build brand trust with our clients’ key audiences.

“I honestly think it’s a rare and awesome opportunity to work alongside the team here at Idea Grove using the latest in digital marketing tools and techniques.”

But Harry’s first degree and professional working experience left a lasting impression on him. Before the University of Oregon full stack web developer “boot camp” where he found his true calling, Harry got a degree in journalism and fashion marketing. Besides designing and sewing for his business partner’s garment line, he learned to plan, build an e-commerce site, network, and build a brand identity based on quality, authenticity, and trust. No wonder Harry fits so well at Idea Grove, an agency that helps its clients Grow With TRUST.

  • I lived my first 8 years in Hong Kong and went to high school in Amsterdam. 
  • I’ve dived with great white sharks in South Africa — and yes, “prey” feels like an appropriate word. 
  • I once auditioned for TV’s Survivor wearing a toga — the season was to be on a Greek isle. 

DFWHUG Co-Leader, HubSpot Specialist

Idea Grove’s HubSpot Specialist, Kady White, has been leading the DFW Chapter of HubSpot User Groups since 2019, bringing with her over 8 years of experience as a HubSpot user.

HubSpot’s mission is to help organizations grow better; DFWHUG’s mission is to provide HubSpot users with programming and content to help them do just that.

DFW HubSpot User Group (HUG)  
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Harry's Awards and Certifications

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Hubspot Inbound Marketing
HubSpot CMS Developer

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