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Last week, we published the first of our series of posts on Web 2.0 buzzword abuse, running the term "Web 2.0" through the search engines of about 40 marketing bloggers to determine which of you used this term the most (and the least).

Today, we're going with one of the Web 2.0 buzzwords that we find most annoying: "mashup."

"Mashup" started as a musical term. But as adopted by the software world, it means (per Wikipedia) "a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience."

The evolution of the usage of "mashup" is a classic example of how marketing and MBA types slip onto the technology bandwagon; typically, they do this whenever the bandwagon begins to resemble a gravy train.

The object is simple, really: If you can co-opt the hip new technology term in your business pitches, you seem much more "with it" when presenting to potential clients -- even though you don't know the difference between PHP and PCP.

As Oliver Paradis put it in a rant to Wired:

The truth is, mashup is a manufactured buzzword, and like any buzzword, it drips with tacky artificiality, marketing innuendo, and vague implications. I have lately observed the application of this metaphor to the most unlikely subjects, including art, video, laptops, cell phones, movies, sneakers, cars, toothbrushes, and who knows what else. I look forward to the moment your writers properly address this particularly trendy and overused word by jettisoning it from your hallowed pages.

'Nuff said. The median upon which the index was based was three uses of the term since 2006. The results:

Micro Persuasion: 19.0
jaffe juice: 15.3
Marketing Profs Daily Fix: 7.3
Adrants: 7.0
a shel of my former self: 5.3
Brand Noise: 4.7
Online Marketing Blog: 3.7
NevilleHobson.com: 3.7
Marketing Pilgrim: 3.3
Seth's Blog: 3.0
Diva Marketing Blog: 3.0
What's Next Blog: 2.0
Church of the Customer: 2.0
Make the Logo Bigger: 1.7
PR Squared: 1.3
Blogging Me Blogging You: 1.3
Brand Autopsy: 1.3
BlogWrite for CEOs: 1.3
Bad Language: 1.0
PR 2.0: 1.0
Brand Sizzle: 1.0
Beyond Madison Avenue: 1.0
Todd And - The Power to Connect: 0.7
Emergence Marketing: 0.7
Pronet Advertising: 0.7
MIT Advertising Lab: 0.3
Marketing Begins at Home: 0.3
Copyblogger: 0.3
Presto Vivace Blog: 0.3
The Buzz Bin: 0.3
Common Sense PR: 0.3
Communication Overtones: 0.3
Media Orchard: 0.3
POP! PR Jots: 0.3
The Flack: 0.3

The following blogs should be saluted for not using the term even once (at least according to their search engines): Duct Tape Marketing, Open the Dialogue, Strive Notes, Marketing Whore, Occam's RazR, On Message from Wagner Communications, adgoodness,Copywrite, Ink., The Copywriting Maven, Chaos Scenario, and Into PR.

As you can see, Steve Rubel tops the index for the second week in a row. Frankly, maybe it's not fair to include Steve, since he posts more often -- and more often about technology -- than the rest of us. What do you think?



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