Jun 14

B2B Marketing Resources for Technology Companies: Some Useful Links

We've recently made available a number of B2B-focused marketing resources to help technology companies develop or enhance their PR and inbound marketing campaigns. Here are links to some of those resources:

B2B content repurposing case study: At Idea Grove, we’ve developed a system that enables you to “feed the beast” of online marketing — PR, social, search, blogging, email — without sacrificing quality or diluting your focus. This case study is a great example of how we work. Working with our client RiseSmart, a leader in enterprise career management solutions, we researched and documented a trend toward "spousal outplacement" – a service offered to aid in the relocation of double-income families. See where that story idea took us.

B2B ebook examples: Idea Grove probably produces as many high-quality B2B technology ebooks as any PR and marketing firm in the United States. It's a core part of what we do. If you wonder how your B2B story can be told in an engaging way that reaches new audiences, we encourage you to check out these examples.

B2B online community examples: Idea Grove created our first online community in 2006. We've gotten pretty good at it since. Here are two examples of our work.

B2B infographic examples: We're a firm built by former journalists. We’ve been working with infographics since before they were cool – and long before they made their way into B2B marketing programs. We’ve successfully placed infographics in USA Today, trade and business media, and influential industry blogs. Check out these examples.

Inbound marketing case study for enterprise software: Idea Grove was brought in to help a Fortune 500 enterprise software company take its content marketing site to the next level. Here's how we turned the site into one of the most well-known and trusted information resources in its category.

PR case study for mobile apps: Idea Grove was challenged to raise awareness, drive downloads and further the reputation of a leading shopping app. Here's how we did it.

Inbound marketing case study for telecom: Idea Grove developed a content strategy to help position a leading wireless telecom provider as a thought leader while also driving sales and recurring revenue. It's a great example of inbound marketing working to benefit a company at multiple levels, reach both "now" buyers and future buyers.

Enjoy! And if these examples start you wondering whether Idea Grove might be able to help you, please contact us.

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