Apr 21

Where Today's PR and Advertising Students Spend Their Time Online Today

by Scott Baradell |

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Last month, I published a post in which I shared the favorite Web sites of a group of University of North Texas journalism students.

Since then, I've had the opportunity to speak to a class of Southern Methodist University communication students -- in this case, a group that is mostly on an advertising/PR track. So I asked them the same question: What are the three sites you are most likely to visit on any given day?

As a reminder, here were the top sites of the journalism students:

DallasNews.com (5 votes)
Yahoo! (5 votes)
WFAA.com (4 votes)
Facebook (3 votes)
CNN.com (2 votes)
Yahoo! Sports
Wired News
Jasmyne Cannick

Now, check out the top vote-getters from the SMU advertising/PR students:

SMU.edu [for e-mail] (13 votes)
Facebook (11 votes)
CNN (4 votes)
Perez Hilton (3 votes)
New York Times (3 votes)
Weather.com (2 votes)
Google (2 votes)

I find it interesting that the J-students have been getting their information from local news media Web sites, while the advertising/PR students are more likely to get their information from blogs and other sources.

I don't want to read too much into such a small sample, but it does raise a chicken-and-egg scenario:

Are the J-students attracted to the field of journalism because they like the news as it is presented by local media outlets? Or, are they attracted to local media outlets because they conform to how journalism is taught in their school?

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