Oct 11

PRWeek Survey Reveals PR Execs Look at Blogs "Holistically" -- But Are in No Hurry to Be on the A-Holist

From PRWeek:

The 2006 PRWeek/Cymfony Corporate Survey reveals that communicators on the corporate side are grasping the importance of new media and measurement - but not everyone has jumped in with both feet...

A key finding this year is that while PR professionals are paying more attention to the online marketplace, the numbers of adoption do not nearly reflect the hype. One-tenth of this year's respondents had established a blog -- showing virtually no growth over the 2005 figure. And while pundits discuss the explosion of new media, it doesn't appear that number will shoot up in 2007...

"We look at online communications holistically," says SAP's Steve Bauer, VP of global communication...

Tim Dyson, CEO of NextFifteen Communications, says companies that don't have a blog are missing a big opportunity "The notion of every company having a blog is a good one if you assume that every corporation wants to communicate," Dyson says.

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