Trust The Process: The IDEA Methodology


You don’t come to an agency because you need a service. You come to an agency because you need a solution, and solutions should be as unique as the problems they solve. Our solutions incorporate your brand’s unique positioning and voice to create unified PR and marketing programs that attract a potential prospect’s attention and then retain that attention while they are drawn through the sales funnel.

We call the methodology we use to create these solutions IDEA, an acronym for its four steps:
Ideate, Develop, Execute and Analyze.


“It’s always tricky finding the voice for a brand or creating a new brand altogether, but having a dedicated team of PR professionals like Idea Grove expedites this process and makes it much simpler. Idea Grove begins this brand-building process by having conversations with you and your team so they can get a feel for your business and goals, your team, and your customers. They continue this process by performing in-depth market research and develop a strategy that reimagines how your business could best position itself in your industry and what voice will resonate the most with your customers.”

Elizabeth Gallagher, Invoice Home

Great ideas are at the heart of any B2B PR and marketing campaign, but they rarely come out of the blue and fully formed. Instead, they are the result of preparation and creating an environment that’s fertile for ideation. That starts by having conversations with you and your team, including a kick-off meeting at the start of an engagement, regular planning meetings and brainstorm sessions, and interviews with your subject matter experts.

It also includes ongoing research about your industry and your competitors so we can keep a pulse on what’s happening in the space. And it involves candid conversations with your buyers to better understand what’s driving their decisions. Only then can we develop strategies that are unique to you and celebrate the things that you can bring to the market that no one else in your industry can.


“Without a plan to execute on them, great ideas are still only ideas. Whether it’s media playbooks or content calendars, web development or digital marketing initiatives, Idea Grove ‘s team knows how to turn creative energy into practical programs.”

Alexander Muse, ShopSavvy

As important as great ideas are, they are only the start of our B2B PR and marketing methodology. The plans for bringing those ideas to life are equally as important and developing them comes from experience. It teaches you which combination of levers to pull so those ideas can have maximum impact.

For some clients, that’s relying on a thought leadership program that combines the power of earned- and owned-media to raise your profile inside the market.

For others, it’s developing a marketing program that’s built on the right keywords that attract buyers to your funnel, then using digital marketing tools to move them to a close. We come up with a detailed plan that outlines where you want to go, how we can help you get there, and how long that process will take.


“The best teams know how to implement programs on time and on budget, even when faced with unexpected challenges. Idea Grove’s team has a track record of doing just that. They’ve experienced it all, and they don’t blink, even when the unexpected happens.”

David Kiger, Worldwide Express

Putting those plans into action is where the rubber meets the road. We have dedicated teams that specialize in each of our core offerings. They all come together and put in the effort to achieve meaningful results for our clients. While we hope the journey toward those results is an easy one, we know the road is rarely free from hazards. Which is why we’re not just marketers — we’re problem solvers.

We don’t give up when faced with a challenge, but instead rely on past experience and creativity to tackle any issue along the way. We also take our obligation to be responsible with your resources seriously. That means we report honestly on where our team is focusing efforts and keep you aware if something requires more resources than expected to so we can all adjust if needed.


As each campaign or program completes, Idea Grove collects and analyzes the data that came from it. That data is then used to shift strategies for the next effort if necessary.

Bradley Todd, Paranet

Repeating ineffective campaigns is a waste of money. So is scrapping campaigns that are working. We are as invested in your success as you are, but we can’t tell whether your campaigns are effective if we don’t look at and analyze the results.

That’s why we take time at the outset of a relationship to agree on KPIs — not just what those KPIs are, but how we’ll go about measuring them — and then report transparently about our progress toward achieving those outcomes. Along the way, we work with you to adjust goals or tactics when we need to so we can all win. While analysis is the last step in our methodology, the process doesn’t stop here. We want to help you apply the learnings from each campaign to achieve greater and greater success.

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