Websites and Communities

Online authority is built on the foundation of strong content that audiences find useful and engaging. Nowhere is this more evident than in the case of content marketing sites and communities designed to establish thought leadership in specific industries and product categories. At Idea Grove, we created our first content-driven community in 2006. We’ve become pretty good at it.

Here are a couple of examples:

Service Virtualization

For CA Technologies, our mission was to encourage conversation and build community around a new approach to software development and testing called "service virtualization." By developing a regimen of quality, product-agnostic content, Idea Grove built into one of the top online resources on the subject. Today, the site has more than 1,800 registered members and nearly 400 posts from a dozen contributors. It also ranks No. 2 in native search for "service virtualization" behind the Wikipedia definition.

Today's Wireless World

For BearCom, Idea Grove redesigned, relaunched, and serves as managing editor of, the online version of the company's magazine on wireless technology trends. Within six months of the relaunch, traffic to the site was up 2,500% and it was sending BearCom hundreds of prospective buyers. The site also has attracted sponsors such as Motorola Solutions, Vertex Standard, and Icom America.