HEADS UP: E-Recycling at Idea Grove Diverts Modern Flotsam from Landfills

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When our microwave went kaput, it seemed wrong to carry it to the building’s dumpster. (At Idea Grove, we’re tree huggers, of course.)

Our nonfunctioning appliance got us thinking about all the other junk that sits around our offices and homes, from ancient laptops to seen-better-days DVD players.

How can we say goodbye responsibly to electronic dinosaurs? And how can we throw out hard drives full of confidential data?

A quick Google search led us to Erecycler, a company here in Dallas that destroys and recycles electronics and more. They take it all: appliances, laptops, cameras, phones, printers. Hard drives are destroyed, not merely “wiped.” Even cables and wires are accepted. (As we told the team here, if you can’t remember what it went to, it’s time to say goodbye.)

So last Thursday morning, a modest pile started growing in a corner of our kitchen. By this afternoon, we said goodbye to a small mountain of plastic and metal junk — the flotsam of the 21st century.

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One thought on “HEADS UP: E-Recycling at Idea Grove Diverts Modern Flotsam from Landfills

  1. Hanna

    I love this! This is such an underestimated environmental problem: the (safest) disposal of electronics. Many of us don’t consider the environmental cost of producing our everyday electronics, let alone the impact they have when we get rid of them. It’s nice to see people thinking a little bit further. I’m glad there are means to dispose of these items safely, and I will certainly be looking for one in my area; they should be given more publicity! It won’t hurt anyone.